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Building a Just and Sustainable World   July 2008

Life in Iran with Rick Steves
Rick Steves in Iran, photo by Abdi Sami
See the Photo Diary

Dear Reader,

Amidst the worrisome news about Iran, it is easy to lose track of the real people living their lives in a beautiful and ancient country.

Rick Steves, whose travel guides are used by millions of tourists, recently traveled to Iran to film ordinary people and extraordinary places. His show will air next January, but you can get a preview here.

The photo diary was provided exclusively to YES! Magazine by Abdi Sami, who co-produced Rick’s tour. In his photos, you’ll see the human face of Iran—people who play music, walk in parks, take trains. And you’ll see that everywhere the Iranians warmly welcomed Rick and his team, eager to talk to the American visitors.

We share these photos with you at a time when the U.S. Congress is considering a resolution (HR 362) that demands stringent inspections of all persons, vessels, and cargo entering and leaving Iran. Many experts believe that enforcing such a demand would require a blockade—an action which, under international law, constitutes an act of war.

The resolution currently has more than 230 co-sponsors. We urge you to learn more about this resolution. And find out here what you can do to prevent yet another war.

Rick Steves in Iran, photo by Abdi Sami   Tehran, photo by Abdi Sami   Schoolgirls in Tehran, photo by Abdi Sami
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Fran Korten
Executive Director,
YES! Magazine

P.S. I hope you'll find Abdi's photos as moving as I have and forward this email on to friends.

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Mt Damavan, Iran. Photo by Arash Shiva
Prevent War With Iran
Congress and the U.S. administration are increasing pressure on Iran, escalating tensions that could lead to war. Learn the facts, the options, and what you can do to stop the war before it starts.

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Life in Iran
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Women in Tehran, photo by Arash Shiva

Rose. Wikimedia Commons Poetry by Hafez "When the Smiling Rose Looks at You in Spring"

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