YES! busted nine persistent economic myths... and replaced them with a different story: the story of a new economy, built on new forms of money, local finance, and democractic business.
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Building a Just and Sustainable World   July 2009
Comic by Stephanie McMillan for YES! Magazine

Reinflate the Old Economy? Get Real!

The current economy is undermining the health of the planet and the well-being of all but the wealthiest few. It's time to let it go.

Here are the commonly-held beliefs that keep us stuck in the current economic mess. What if we base our economy on a new story: one that is true for everybody, not just for the rich…

Old Economy script Get Real script
crumpled money Money
The measure of a healthy economy is a growing GDP.
A healthy economy meets real needs within ecological limits.

All you need is money.
You can't eat money. What we need is healthy families, communities, and ecosystems.

Booms and busts are inevitable in a modern economy.
The boom/bust cycle is a result of letting banks create money.

cumpled dollar note Finance
Wall Street is the engine that powers our economy.
Most real economic activity is local.

Corporate banks are too big to fail. We need them to keep our economy going.
Small, responsible banks and credit unions build real wealth in our communities.

The smart investor insists on high returns.
Slow community investments pay back in dollars and quality of life.

crumpled money money
Well-run businesses require a hierarchy of highly paid executives.
Worker co-ops are efficient and democratic, and workers keep the profits.

The freedom to do ecological damage improves the business climate.
If we destroy the environment, there is no business … or climate.

Large corporations are efficient, innovative, and create jobs.
Locally rooted small- and medium-sized businesses create the jobs and innovations we need.

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