Global greed is out. Local sharing is in. Find out David Korten's alternative to Wall Street, how to move from Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth, and build a New Economy. YES! is offering 3 ways to get David's revised and expanded Agenda for a New Economy ahead of its release...
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         June 2010 
David Korten's Agenda for a New Economy: revised and expanded 2nd edition
“At last, a book by one of our most brilliant economic thinkers that outlines the real causes of—and solutions to—the current economic crisis.”
—John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
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A Declaration of Independence
from Wall Street

Dear Reader,

David Korten hit a chord with Agenda for a New Economy and its call for abolishing Wall Street. In his new revised and greatly expanded edition, David fleshes out his vision for a replacement—a decentralized economy based on resilient communities, local businesses, and ecological systems.

Global greed is out. Local sharing is in. The Wall Street system failed us; this book is a great guide as we build the alternatives.

We want to give you the chance to see this new edition first. Below you’ll find three ways to get it ahead of its release, and at a special YES! price, 22% off.

Want a taste of what’s inside? Check out this excerpt where David shows us 5 Ways to Know if You’re Making a Difference.

Wishing you all the best,
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Sarah van Gelder
Executive Editor, YES! Magazine

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3 Ways to Get the Book

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  Praise for Agenda for a New Economy…  
Van Jones. Photo by Betty Udesen for YES! Magazine “Korten turns conventional economic thinking upside down and inside out. This book reveals what is really going on in the U.S. and global economy—and what can and should be done about it.”
—Van Jones, founder, Green for All and author of The Green Collar Economy
spacer Annie Leonard. Photo by Lane Hartwell for YES! Magazine “It’s time for a fundamentally new economic model—Agenda for a New Economy is a much needed roadmap for those ready to get started.”
—Annie Leonard, author and creator of The Story of Stuff
spacer Frances Moore Lappe. Photo by Paul Dunn for YES! Magazine “In this new edition of his groundbreaking book, David Korten steps up with a new, practical, and energizing guide we all can use to transform today’s economic disaster into a living democracy.”
—Frances Moore Lappé, author of Getting a Grip 2 and Diet for a Small Planet

James Gustave Speth. “David Korten has updated and strengthened an already timely and insightful book. No one has done a better job at bringing together the multiple crises in which we find ourselves today. His vision of the path forward is clear and compelling.”
—James Gustave Speth, Dean, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; former Administrator, UNDP
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Robert Shetterly's portrait of David Korten American Truth Tellers
Artist Robert Shetterly recently completed this portrait of David Korten to add to his series, Americans Who Tell the Truth.

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These YES! articles point the way to the kind of economy that will truly serve people, their communities, and the planet.

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Why We Must Declare Our Independence from Wall Street
“We face an imperative to redefine our relationships with one another and with Mother Earth …”

Video David Korten VIDEO

David Korten’s work
David talks about his work and mission in this YES! video.


Images from the YES! photo essay: 10 Ways to a Human-Scale Economy
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