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Building a Just and Sustainable World   March/April 2008
Pete Seeger. Photo by Michael Bowman for YES! Magazine
Pete Seeger: How Can I Keep from Singing?

Dear Reader,

I remember Pete Seeger from when I was a child and this story-telling, banjo-picking singer would come on his sloop, the Clearwater, to the neglected little parks that lined the Hudson River not far from my home. His presence brought people together to fall in love with their river once again.

I remember hearing his voice at peace rallies and civil rights marches—a voice that would be joined by hundreds, sometimes thousands, in songs that spoke of justice, righteousness, and possibilities for a better world. I thought of his voice as I was on my way to interview him this winter, wondering if he would still have that same fighting spirit, or if age and the long Bush years would have worn him down.

You can see for yourself in our interview that Pete, though nearly 90 years old, continues to offer his stories, songs, and support to those working for a better world. And he continues to delight in his children and grandchildren, his solar-powered pick-up truck, and the views of his beloved Hudson River from his hand-built home.

Pete Seeger at home. Photo by Michael Bowman for YES! Magazine   YES! Mgazine interviews Pete Seeger.   Image from the documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
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I hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed having this conversation with one of my life-long heroes.

Sarah signature
Sarah van Gelder
Executive Editor, YES! Magazine
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