Jane Goodall tells us what we can do in our everyday lives to care for the animals we love, autistic scientist Temple Grandin on how to treat cattle more humanely, the latest YES! Cartoon competition, and the best new articles online
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         March/April 2011 

YES! Poster: Jane Goodall's 10 Best Things We Can Do For Animals

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10 Best Things We Can Do For Animals

YES! asked Jane Goodall to tell us what we can do in our everyday lives to care for the animals we love.

Jane Goodall and animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff wrote The 10 Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love.

YES! asked Dr. Goodall to share 10 Things You Can Do to put the 10 Trusts into practice in your backyard…


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photo icon YES! PHOTO ESSAY

The Teatime Series
by Betty Udesen

How backyard hummingbirds gave a healing photojournalist a new lens on life.

Left: For Betty, making contact with a hummingbird required patience, silence, and stillness. Photo by Benjamin Benschneider. Right: Black-capped Chickadee. Photo by Betty Udesen from her Teatime Series
American Goldfinch. Photo by Betty Udesen from her Teatime Series
  More from the Spring Issue of YES! Magazine…  

Temple Grandin uses her unique perspective as an autistic person and a scientist to get better, more humane treatment for cattle. Photo courtesy of Workman Publishing How Happy Was Your Meal?

Autistic scientist Temple Grandin thinks like an animal—in pictures—and she’s using it to get more humane treatment for cattle.   MORE …
Pig. Photo courtesy of Rikki's Refuge. flickr.com/rikkis_refuge Buy Happy Mystified by all the labels? How to buy humane eggs and meat.
Joel Salatin photo by Mike McGregor Farmer Joel Salatin:
Why Changing the Food System is Up to You Salatin talked to YES! about how animals can help us restore our land and food if we honor them.
YES! Magazine graphic Should We Eat Animals? We can feed the world and still eat meat—but only a little bit.

These articles come from the Spring issue of YES! Magazine.


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Can Animals Save Us?, the Spring 2011 issue of YES! Magazine
  What’s New Online  

Ragged Old Flag. Photo by Beverly and Pack. flickr.com/walkadog A protester in Cairo during the uprising against former President Hosni Mubarak. 'The lion of Egyptian revolution' Photo flickr.com/96884693@N00 The George Washington statue outside the New York Stock Exchange.  Photo by Mikael Tjemsland. flickr.com/misland Hands Young and Old. 'See You Later Grandfather And Thanks.' Photo by Emmanuel Avetta. flickr.com/felizberto

We’re Number One!
by James Gustave Speth
Americans are number one in quite a few areas—but they’re not all accomplishments to be proud of.
Why We Revolt
by Rebecca Solnit
When and how does the moment come when people stop believing in the power that has ruled them? When and how do ordinary people discover their own power?

The End of Empire
by David Korten
Wall Street’s days are numbered. Ours need not be.

Saying Goodbye:
What Do We Teach Kids about Death?

by Shannon Hayes
When we shelter ourselves and our kids from the realities of death, what else might we be sacrificing?

  YES! Cartoon Caption  

New YES! Cartoon Write a caption for this month’s YES! cartoon. Winning entries will be posted online, and the funniest will be printed in YES!

YES! Clock Cartoon

Enter the competition.

“When it’s Grumpy past Sad,
it’s time to go home.”

The best captions for this cartoon.

  Did you miss…  

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:: Joel Salatin: How to Eat Meat and Respect It, Too
Why this foodie farmer believes sustainable farming includes meat.

:: Humane Meat? No Such Thing  
Sunaura Taylor: “Should we eat animals? My disability gives me a unique view on the oxymoron ‘humane meat.’”

:: Heroes of a Moral Economy  
All around you are everyday heroes who refuse to be complicit in the economic mistreatment of other people.

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Seed Bombs from Greenaid Dispensing Seed Bombs
Seed bombs are a favorite tool of guerrilla gardeners for planting flowers on derelict ground.


Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi's Food Justice Food Justice
A review of Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi’s new book, which takes a sweeping look at our food system through the lens of the emerging food justice movement.  


Rob 'Biko' Baker is the executive director of the League of Young Voters Young Voters: Don’t Write Them Off
Why anyone who believes that under-30 Americans aren’t tuned in to the future and ready to act is fooling themselves.


  César Chávez Day  

:: March 31

Robert Shetterly's portrait of Cesar Chavez

César Chávez, Farm Workers’ Union Founder, Human Rights Activist

Read about César Chávez’s life, and see Robert Shetterly’s portrait.
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