Interview with Foodie Farmer Joel Salatin on whether we should eat animals, and a counterpoint from disability advocate Sunaura Taylor. Also Joe Copeland on the task of Nuclear Disarmament, People We Love, the best of our Water Solutions articles, and the latest news online
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         March 2011 

In this newsletter, more highlights from the SPRING issue of YES! Magazine

Joel Salatin and Sunaura Taylor tackle the question…
Should We Eat Animals?

Sustainable Food Means Meat Too, Madeline Ostrander's interview with Joel Salatin in the Can Animals Save Us? issue of YES! Magazine
Joel Salatin: How to Eat Meat and Respect It, Too

Joel Salatin is no simple farmer. When he speaks, he at times takes on the air of a Southern preacher, philosopher, heretic, businessman, activist, or ecological engineer. Since Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma and the film Food, Inc. brought him to fame as the man who raises meat the right way, Salatin has become a sought-after speaker. But he still spends most of his time on his rural Virginia farm—with the chickens, baling hay, moving cows from one paddock to another… It is perhaps Salatin’s unwillingness to compartmentalize that has made him such a compelling moral voice for the food movement. For Salatin, farming is inseparable from ethics, politics, faith, or ecology.

There’s a missionary quality to Salatin’s farming. He speaks of his work as a ministry and as healing. He calls his animals “co-laborers” and “dance partners” and says he respects each animal’s distinctiveness. Who better to articulate an ethic of how, when, and whether we should raise and eat our fellow animals?



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And the Counterpoint…
Self portrait Marching With Chickens by Sunaura Taylor
Humane Meat?
No Such Thing

Sunaura Taylor: “Should we eat animals? My disability gives me a unique view on the oxymoron ‘humane meat.’”

Cover of the Spring 2011 issue of YES!

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  What’s New Online  

On Saturday, March 12, some 100,000 people thronged the Wisconsin capitol building to protest the state's attack on collective bargaining. Photo by Eyton Z Prospects of a Canadian television station similar to Fox News prompted attention to an obscure Canadian law that prohibits giving false of misleading information on broadcast news. Photo by Panu Tangchalermkul Photo by Not An Alternative 'Work is a core class intersection in American life.' Photo by Laura

Wisconsin Awakens a Sleeping Giant
As Wisconsin’s attack on workers spreads to other states, so does the historic uprising that began in Madison.

A Law Against Lying on the News
Why Canada has one and the U.S. doesn’t.

Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time
How communities are saying “no” to corporate drilling—even if it means bucking state law.

Heroes of a Moral Economy
All around you are everyday heroes who refuse to be complicit in the economic mistreatment of other people.

  Time to End Nuclear Weapons…  

Presidential declarations and filmmakers’ scare tactics get the attention—meanwhile, powerful grassroots movements build on 60 years of effort.

Nuclear Disarmament is People's Work, Joe Copeland's article in the Can Animals Save Us? issue of YES! Magazine
Nuclear Disarmament
is People’s Work

Are people in the United States too comfortable with the existence of nuclear weapons? How do you motivate the public to care about the nuclear threat and instill the hope to work toward change?

At times it seems that a good jolt of fear might be the answer. Maybe then we would finally wake from denial and do something about the dangers of nuclear arms: the risk that one of the nuclear powers may choose to use the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the bomb’s distortion of power relationships among nations, the potential for accident or terror to unleash some catastrophe.



An estimated 23,000 nuclear weapons exist in the world. Why that number needs to be zero.
Watch the trailer for the film, Countdown to Zero.

  People We Love  

Shannon McNamara Inez Killingsworth Bradley Manning Mari Rose Taruc

Shannon McNamara
Sharing education in Africa.

Inez Killingsworth
How one outspoken resident is helping Cleveland’s families keep their homes.

video icon   Fighting Foreclosures
Bradley Manning
Challenging secrecy with WikiLeaks.
Mari Rose Taruc
Environmental justice for all.
  Did you miss…  

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  World Water Week 

March 22 was World Water Day. See feature articles from the Water Solutions issue of YES! Magazine.
Photo by Naomi Frost. Water: Will There Be Enough?
How can we change our water habits to work with nature and keep water flowing?

YES! Magazine Just the Facts Graphic Just the Facts ::
Water Footprints

How much water do we use? More than any other country, it turns out. And we could save a lot.

6 Simple Ways to Bring the Water Revolution Home
6 Ways to Save Water!Get tight with your water budget, live large on dishwater, save some rain, and get your activist feet wet (really).

YES! Video: It's Everybody's Water. Gustav the dog. Photo by Michael Dalby It’s Everybody’s Water
It’s time we fell in love with the simple bundle of atoms that makes the world possible.

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