Sneak Preview of the Water Solutions Issue with our Watershed Moments poster. Also, Signs of Life: Small Stories About Big Change, videos and photo essays for National Bike Month, the big events taking place in June, and much, much more.
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Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions   May 2010

Watershed Moments: 3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last. YES! Poster
This new poster, Watershed Moments, is a sneak preview of our Summer 2010 Water Solutions issue.

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animated water cup filling up Preview
Water Solutions

The new issue of YES! Magazine looks at 3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last.

Only a tiny fraction of Earth’s water is available as fresh water. We’re already at the limits of supply in parts of the United States. But even with climate change and growing populations, there’s enough for everyone if we work together to keep it clean, use it wisely, and share it fairly.

It’s Everybody’s Water
YES! Video: It's Everybody's Water. Gustav the dog. Photo by Michael Dalby

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What’s New Online
'The new American Dream emerging in Detroit is a deeply-rooted spiritual and practical response to the devestation and dehumanization created by the old dream,' says Boggs. Photo by JSFauxtaugraphy.
spacer Thousands of volunteers helped clean the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which affected hundreds of miles of coastline.  Photo by Jim Brickett.
spacer A new study found that activism leads to feeling more alert, alive, and satisfied with life. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage.
A New Documentary Inspires Detroit Activists
by Grace Lee Boggs
A new documentary illustrates a different kind of American Dream taking hold in Detroit.
spacer All Hands on Deck
by Riki Ott
What can you do about the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?
spacer Making a Difference Makes You Happy
New studies find that activism brings greater life satisfaction—along with freedom, competence, and connection to others.
Signs of Life: Small Stories About Big Change

Signs of Life graphic
Detail from the Zero Rupee note which reads: 'Eliminate Corruption At All Levels,' and 'I Promise I Never Accept or Give Bribes.' Find out more at
In India, Fake Money Is Payback
Paying bribes to officials at all levels of government is common in India, but an advocacy group for the poor came up with a way to fight back: Make money worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on. MORE…

Travis Wittwer loads his sons and his groceries into his cargo bike for the trip home. Photo by Sara Cross
Roads Aren’t Just for Cars Anymore
The United States has lagged behind Europe in promoting bicycle transportation, but that’s about to change. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently announced a new policy encouraging cities and states to include the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians in their transit infrastructure planning. MORE…

The new headquarters of the Bank of North Dakota in Bismark. Image courtesy
More States May Create Public Banks
By 2011, only one state will have escaped the credit crunch that is pushing other states toward insolvency: North Dakota. North Dakota is also the only state that owns a bank. Now, several states are either studying the prospects of a state-owned bank or are considering legislation to make one possible. MORE…


US Social Forum
United States Social Forum, Detroit, June 22-26, 2010. Another World is Possible, Another US is Necessary

:: A Personal Invitation to the US Social Forum

The national coordinator of the US Social Forum, Adrienne Maree Brown offers her brief, heartfelt list of reasons to come to Detroit to participate in the 2010 USSF, June 22—26.

Detail from USSF poster :: WHAT ARE SOCIAL FORUMS?
Imagine a gathering of people from all walks of life, coming together by the thousands on all kinds of issues, to forge a movement big enough for all of us.

Network of Spiritual Progressives logo :: OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS
Also in Detroit, June 17—20, the Allied Media Conference brings together media makers from all over the United States interested in using participatory media as a strategy for social justice organizing.

And, in Washington D.C., June 11—14, the Network of Spiritual Progressives/Tikkun holds its National Conference, featuring David Korten, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Riane Eisler, Dennis Kucinich, Bill McKibben and other key thinkers, in a discussion about the future of our country.
Did you miss…
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:: Building the World We Want: Interview with Mark Lakeman  
    City Repair helps people create new, people-friendly visions for their communities.

:: Living Large in a Tiny House
    Dee Williams chose to downsize and now lives in a 84-square-foot home. She says she has never been happier.

:: Depaving Portland  
    The residents of Portland are literally tearing their city up. Who says cities have to be islands of concrete?
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From the Publisher
Changing the Frame: 3 examples Winning the Frame Game
by Fran Korten
As our society approaches major transitions, we may welcome or resist the changes … How we react will rest partly on how we frame those changes.
National Bike Month

Travis Wittwer taking his kids around Portland. Box bikes are incredibly productive and quite easy to maneuver once you get used to an 8 feet long, heavy bike.
Biking Wittwer Family
Join Travis Wittwer for a day of bike commuting with his children in Portland, Ore.

Bamboo Bike Making. Photo courtesy the Bamboo Bike Studio
Bamboo Bike Making
“With every bike that leaves our workshop, we see a person who has made something to be proud of, something useful that he or she worked hard to create.”

Video Image from A World on Two Wheels video. Dutch family riding all on one bike VIDEO

A World
on Two Wheels

What if bicycles ruled the road? Here’s a glimpse at what a society based on the power of two wheels looked like—not that long ago.

Logo from Pedal People
Pedal People Put the Cycling in Recycling
What’s a cleaner, quieter alternative to garbage trucks? Bicycles!
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