Announcing YES! Magazine’s This Changes Everything book; Painting the Town prosperous, neighborhoods and co-ops—a round-up of the last featured articles from our New Livelihoods issue; and a preview of our Winter 2012 issue
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         November 2011 

YES! Magazine’s This Changes Everything book

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The New Book from YES!
This Changes Everything:
Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement named the core issue of our time: the overwhelming power of Wall Street and large corporations—something the political establishment and most media have long ignored.

But the movement goes far beyond naming the problem. This Changes Everything shows how the movement is shifting the way people view themselves and the world, the kind of society they believe is possible, and their own involvement in creating a society that works for the 99% rather than just the 1%.

Attempts to pigeonhole this decentralized, fast-evolving movement have led to confusion and misperception. In this volume, the editors of YES! Magazine bring together voices from inside and outside the protests to convey the issues, possibilities, and personalities associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This book features contributions from Naomi Klein, David Korten, Rebecca Solnit, Ralph Nader, and others, as well as Occupy activists who were there from the beginning. It offers insights for those actively protesting or expressing support for the movement—and for the millions more who sympathize with the goal of a more equitable and democratic future.

Want a taste of what’s inside? Check out 10 Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything.

  Preview of Winter 2012 Issue         Breakthrough 15 

  Military Resistance a Strong Brew

Near the gates of Fort Lewis, anti-war veterans serve up support and solidarity (along with double-tall lattes) to their friends in uniform.

Coffee Strong Photo by Paul Dunn The .45 caliber single-action, semi-automatic Colt pistol known as the M1911 in military parlance is an extremely destructive handgun at close range. On June 26, 2011, U.S. Army Ranger Jared August Hagemann removed his M1911 from its holster. The 25-year-old already had carried the sidearm with him on eight deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, so he knew how much damage even a single round could do against flesh and bone.

It was late Sunday evening at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Hagemann stood in a training area, stalked by a terrorist more relentless than any Taliban suicide bomber. His opponent’s name: post-traumatic stress disorder, the clinical term for a severe form of anxiety usually known by its acronym, PTSD.

Staff Sgt. Hagemann placed the muzzle against his right temple and pulled the trigger. His obituary, published by his hometown paper in California’s San Joaquin Valley, said only he had “died unexpectedly,” words his widow would dispute.


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Cover of the Winter 2012 issue of YES! Magazine: Breakthrough 15

  Building Jobs and Community …  

Ohio Cooperative Solar Best Job in the Neighborhood—And They Own It
How worker co-ops are expanding despite the rust-belt economy.

Philadelphia Mural photo by Alejandro Alvarez Painting the Town Prosperous
Urban artists revive our neighborhoods and show us how to share our gifts.
  What’s New Online  

Pipeline protesters, photo by Carl Heyerdahl Boy with Crayon photo by ND Strupler Flood houses Schoharie by jcsoup2 Discussion photo by Inkyhack

Protesters Win Pipeline Delay
by Brooke Jarvis

How thousands of determined protesters dragged a little-known pipeline into the national spotlight—and convinced the Obama administration to delay its approval.

Emotional Learning Brings Real Hope to Schools
by Katherine Gustafson

A little-known movement helps kids understand the connection between the brain and heart, and improve their behavior (and test scores) too.

Toilet Paper Preparedness vs. True Resilience
by Shannon Hayes

What I learned from the hurricane: Real emergency preparedness has more to do with community than canned goods.

An Oregon Experiment in Citizen Governance
by Tyrone Reitman

A new law that puts voters in charge of breaking through political spin could be a first step in making policy decisions that work.

  Did you miss…  

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:: Keeping It Clean: Maine’s Fight for Fair Elections
For more than a decade, a groundbreaking clean elections law has helped protect Maine politics from the influence of big money. But what’s happening now that big spenders have free rein to influence elections—and what does it mean for the rest of the country?

:: Elders a (Labor) Force for Social Change
Boomers discover ways to apply their skills and life experience to purposeful second careers.

:: Graduates Get a Crash Course in Sharing
How new graduates are improvising when expected careers aren’t panning out.

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  Occupy Wall Street 

Credit union supporters, photo by Fibonacci Blue

The Great Money Migration
by Mark Engler

Just how effective was Bank Transfer Day?  

The Beginning is Near, photo by Cory Doctorow After the Eviction: What’s Next for Occupy Wall Street?
by Nathan Schneider

What does the Occupy movement do when its flagship occupation is gone—at least for now?

Jesse Estrin We Are the 1% ... And We Stand With the 99%
by Jesse Estrin

“I love my family but feel great sadness at the system which has allowed my family to accumulate such wealth at the expense of so many others.” Why Jesse Estrin—and other members of the 1%—decided to stand with the rest of us.


  New Livelihoods 

Green City Growers started up in summer 2011. Green Jobs Calling

The citizens of two cities are finding the customers, finances, and skills to put together green jobs.  

  Book Review 

In Every Town This music manifesto shows how all-ages music venues keep the arts alive, build community, and give young people experience in organizing.  


  The YES! Interview 

W.S. Merwin, at his home on a former pineapple plantation in Maui, Hawai'i. Photo by Tony Novak-Clifford. Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin: Doing the Impossible

The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner accepted an appointment as U.S. poet laureate so he could offer just one simple warning.  

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