Highlights from the Winter issue of YES! Magazine, What Happy Families Know, are now online, including This is My Family: 8 personal essays on what family is today. Also, sign up for No Impact week in January, and watch StoryCorps family videos.
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         December 2010 

The “What Happy Families Know” issue

What Happy Families Know, the cover of the Winter 2011 issue of YES! Magazine
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Dear Reader,

I’m reminded every holiday season that family is a messy business. Some winters, my husband and I travel to the East Coast to visit a motley group of people who are related to us by blood or by the years of care that make somebody family even if you don't share genetics. From Massachusetts to Virginia, our family includes a former cop and his Puerto Rican wife, a libertarian, an adopted Brazilian woman and her blond part-Icelandic siblings, two toddler cousins, a one-year-old baby niece, my retired-professor father, and my husband’s progressive-activist parents.

Marriage and family values are among America's most polarizing political issues. But when we get down to the personal, we find that real family is mostly about taking care of each other, despite our differences. This issue of YES! Magazine takes an honest look at family and celebrates the values and choices that help us support and look after each other.

It’s a big claim to offer you “What Happy Families Know” but the stories inside the issue speak for themselves. There are personal journeys of joy, recovery, loss, and negotiation. Experts reveal years of research on what makes a happy couple (gay or straight). And, in our lead article, a stay-at-home dad tells us how fathers, mothers, gay couples, grandparents, neighbors, and multiethnic families are remaking America.

See what’s inside the issue, and if you’re not already a subscriber, make this issue the first in your subscription with this special introductory $15 offer.


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Madeline OstranderBest,
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Madeline Ostrander
Senior Editor, YES! Magazine

  Highlights from the New Issue of YES! Magazine…  
Freer, Messier, Happier. Jeremy Adam Smith's article in the What Happy Families Know issue of YES! Magazine Today’s Families: Freer, Messier, Happier
These days, moms, dads, kids, grandmas—even neighbors—are sharing the work of family. Learn how families are getting flexible to deal with a less stable world. And are richer for it.   MORE …
photo icon Humanity, in Photos
A celebration of friendship, family, love, and laughter in this YES! Photo Essay.
YES! Magazine graphic
Just the Facts ::
Who Is Family Now?
Mixed-race couples, single parents—they’re all part of the new “normal.”
YES! Magazine graphic
  Our Family Stories …  
This is My Family spacer
8 personal essays on
what family is today
Silhouette Seat. Photo by Hamish Irvine. flickr.com/photos/ topaz-mcnumpty spacer Father and Son. Photo by Tarzen. flickr.com/photos/ aguinsburg spacer Rona prepares for her wedding with her sister, Arlene (left). Photo by Hasain Rasheed spacer Wendy Call with baby Lesley.
How I Fight
For My Family

Celeste Addai had never given much thought to immigration issues—until her Ghanaian husband had to flee in the middle of the night.

spacer Two Dads, Many Roots
In the years since 16-year-old Rafael Regan was adopted, he’s learned a lot about what makes unique families “normal.”

spacer My New Sisters
Rona Fernandez expected to be nervous the first time she met her father, but she didn’t expect the comfortable bond she would find with her new sisters.

spacer The Child We Never Had
Co-parenting lets friends and community share the load and rewards of raising children.

Abuelita Allison Green spacer Tomas Moniz with his daughters spacer Kristy Leissle's grandfather spacer Jen Angel family
Becoming Abuelita
We must claim the families we choose, especially when they go beyond blood.

spacer Did I Ever Tell
You the Story?

As our families grow older, it’s the stories we share that bind us together.

spacer Returning
Grandpa’s Love

A family economy that doesn’t outsource care—at either end of life.

spacer Sex Without Jealousy, Love Without Ownership
Exploring open relationships can change our assumptions about intimacy and empowerment.

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Colin Beavan, No Impact Man, welcomes you to the No Impact Experiment Joining is simple! Click here to learn more about the experiment, starting January 2, and watch Colin Beavan’s video introduction.

:: 10 Ways to Change Your Life
No Impact Man’s picks for getting started on a climate-friendly life.

:: Christmas with No Presents?
One family’s daring experiment: Christmas without all the stuff.
  What’s New Online…  
Sweethearts. Photo by Patrick flickr.com/photos/ adwriter spacer Mama hugging. Photo by Oleg Sidorenko. flickr.com/photos/ oksidor spacer The Eco Sense House in BC, Canada. eco-sense.ca spacer Photo by Zach Vanderkooy
The Road to Real Health
Health care’s just part of the picture. Five policies that would be good for our health, happiness, and wallets.

spacer Hands-on Research:
The Science of Touch

How everyday forms of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health.

spacer The World’s First Living Buildings
Once deemed too ambitious, the next generation of green building is now a reality.

spacer Cycle City, USA
How Portland plans to become the first world-class bike city in America.

  Did you miss…  
YES! Email Newsletter archive Highlights from the last newsletter:

:: You Are Who You Eat With   
Why hectic times call for a return to the family meal.

:: A World of Grace  
Artist Nikki McClure adds her touch to our collection of mealtime prayers from around the world.

:: Building Community: An Economic Approach  
David Korten: What economic transformation has to do with building stronger, happier communities.

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The YES! Quote Page. Photo by Patrick Barber “It is the absurdity of family life, the raggedness of it, that is at once its redemption and its true nobility.”
—James McBride, author and musician
  Getting to the Core … 

Preserving the story of the American experience
The StoryCorps formula is simple: two people who care about each other asking sometimes difficult questions—in an honest exploration of intimacy, identity, and what it means to live in relationship with one another.

Image from the StoryCorps video, The Tough Questions
The Tough Questions
A 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome interviews his mother about the challenges—and joys—of raising him.

The Icing on the Cake
Image the StoryCorps video, The Icing on the Cake A mother-daughter interview about one family’s immigration to the United States.

Image from the StoryCorps video, Danny and Annie: A Love Story Danny and Annie: A Love Story
From a single-date courtship to a struggle with cancer, Danny and Annie narrate a long romance lived with truth, beauty, and humor.
  Facts that tell a story… 
The Page That Counts The Page That Counts
Number of billionaires in the world: 1,011; Percentage of billionaires living in the U.S.: 40; Number of U.S. billionaires and near-billionaires pledging at least 50 percent of their wealth to charity: 40.    MORE…
Poster of the play For Colored Girls We’re Still Writing
“For Colored Girls”

Why Tyler Perry’s adaptation of the classic play matters.

“It’s a choreopoem, a work of art that relies equally on poetry, color, and movement to convey the complicated reality of life inside a black woman’s body.”

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