More from the Fall issue of YES! Magazine New Livelihoods including How State Banks Bring the Money Home and Cotton with a Conscience
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         October 2011 :: Local Living Economies 

In this newsletter, more highlights from the Fall
issue of YES! Magazine, “New Livelihoods: How we’re building the do-it-ourselves economy”

State Banks graphic, Stacy Mitchell's article in the New Livelihoods issue of YES! Magazine
How State Banks Bring the Money Home

Big banks freeze out small business, but North Dakota’s state bank supports local jobs. The idea is catching on.

One of the most promising strategies involves creating state-owned banks that can bolster the lending capacity of local banks, helping them grow and multiply.



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Free Speech TV talks to Stacy Mitchell
Video iconLocal Jobs Through Local Banking

Free Speech TV talks to Stacy Mitchell about the advantages of community banks and how they can aid economic recovery.

Cover of the Fall 2011 issue of YES!

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  Highlights from the Fall 2011 issue of YES! Magazine…  

7 Smart Solutions for DIY jobs article in the New Livelihoods issue of YES! Magazine 4. Ignite! Local Business

Training and mutual support go a long way toward making small enterprises viable. That’s no secret to the graduates of Urban FIRE (Financial Intelligence, Responsible Entrepreneurship), a nonprofit in Oakland, Calif., that provides an affordable “crash course” for would-be entrepreneurs in the inner city.


7 Smart Solutions for DIY Jobs
One alternative to looking for a job is to make your own. Here are seven ways communities are offering tools, training, and bright ideas to get workers started:

1. Recipe for a Start-up

2. Free Computers

3. Quality Child Care

4. Ignite! Local Business

5. Instant Office

6. Factory at Your Fingertips

7. Organizing Freelancers

Photos from the 7 smart solutions article in the New Livelihoods issue of YES! Magazine
  Do-It-Yourself Ways to Live Sustainably  
Cotton illustration

YES! But How?  
Cotton with Conscience

We’re more likely to find evidence of the “buy local” movement in our refrigerators than in our closets. A pair of organic cotton jeans leaves an 85-pound carbon footprint after its 10,000-mile journey from the field in India to the store in North America. That’s no walk to the farmers market.

That’s why Rebecca Burgess’ challenge—a year of wearing only clothes made from materials sourced within 150 miles of her front door—is especially innovative.

More about how to wear cotton without wearing out the planet …
Cotton jeans illustration
  1. Organic and Fair
  2. Swap Some
  3. Recycle to Insulate
  4. Make It With Old Jeans
  5. Wear Local

photo icon YES! PHOTO ESSAY

Fibershed Moments
by Rebecca Burgess

We often think about local food—but what about local fabric? Photos from one woman’s quest to know her “fibershed.”

Left: Sierra Reading wearing a cormo wool vest that she felted and dyed in onion skins. Right: Hand-operated loom ready to create fabrics. Photos by by Rebecca Burgess from her Fibershed Moments photo essay.
Fibersheds play button
  What’s New Online  

Hanging clothes by Noodles and Beef Farmer with vegetables, photo by sea turtle Minneapolis nice ride by Kevin Jack Troy Davis crowd by World Coalition. Photo by World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Can Households Help Create a Carbon-Neutral City?
by Richard Conlin

In Seattle’s quest for carbon neutrality, what role do personal actions play?

Reflections on Transforming the Food System
by Michael Foley and David Greenwood

YES! readers respond to Madhu Suri Prakash and Wendell Berry.

Lessons from a Surprise Bike Town
by Jay Walljasper

How snowy Minneapolis beat out Portland for the title of best bike city in America.

Troy Davis’ Last Request
by Sarah van Gelder

Troy Davis’ last words before his execution included this call: The tragedy of American capital punishment must come to an end.

  Did you miss…  

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Just right for the farmers market!

Show the world your positive attitude.
3 ways to get David Korten’s latest book.
David Korten's Agenda for a New Economy 2nd edition

Hands holding candle photo by Szymon Mazurek

Wall Street Occupiers, the Future Depends on You
Interview with David Korten  

For more than 15 years, David Korten has called for an end to the Wall Street economy. Why he hopes the #Occupy movement will finally change the game.  

Welcome to occupywallstreet by David Shankbone Five Ways #OWS Has Succeeded
by Mark Engler

They were predicted to be a flash in the pan. So why are the anti-Wall Street occupations growing?

Protester holding sign. Photo by Joann Jovinelly “This is Just Practice”— The Story of the Wall Street Occupation
by Nathan Schneider

There’s a lot of misinformation about the occupation of Wall Street. What’s it really about?


  Bridging Divides 

Magazine spread of Standing on the Side of Peace article

Standing on the Side of Peace
by Jen Marlowe

“Sami’s story of resilience and transformation from a militant to a peace-builder inspired me from the start of our friendship.”
  Web Picks  

Film icon FILM

Who Took the Bomp? Play button for clip from film.

Who Took the Bomp?
The feminist band Le Tigre put across some big ideas on its 2004 tour. They encourage you to DIY, and their political lyrics and dance-punk beat get you on your feet.

To Be Heard? Play button for clip from film.

To Be Heard
Three Bronx teenagers take on poverty, crime, and family stress with the help of good teachers.

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