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Building a Just and Sustainable World   September 2008
Detail of book cover: The Uprising by David Sirota

Seeing Red, Feeling Blue in Purple America
Dispatches from a Populist Uprising

Americans are under increasing economic pressure, and many feel powerless to do anything about it. David Sirota travels coast to coast and finds the people who know the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction—and are joining a populist uprising to turn it around.

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Highlights from the Latest YES!
YES! Magazine Cover issue 47: Purple America

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Fairness For Working Parents
Author and mother Nanette Fondas lays out truly family friendly policies. Living wages mean working parents can support their kids. Time off means they can raise them.

Health Care icon

Doctors Orders: Health Care for All
The movement for universal single-payer health care is growing. Now both doctors and small business owners are lobbying for health care reform.

Jobs icon

Create Your Own Job
Cooperative businesses allow employee-owners to receive all the benefits of their work—and their jobs can’t get out-sourced or downsized.

How the Middle Class Got Stuck
Don't feel like things are looking up (even though the news says that the GDP is headed in the right direction)? Here's why …

Why the Middle Class Got Stuck charts, YES! Magazine graphics

Web Special: The Summer of 2008 Belongs to Climate Camps
2008 UK climate camp, photo by Nick Buxton
Social Change Not Climate Change
One of seven Climate Convergences this summer, the UK Climate Camp brought together over 1,500 people from all walks of life, to rally against climate change in a demonstration of collective, sustainable living and creative direct action.

For my future, picture from the UK climate camp, photo by Nick Buxton
Photos from the UK Climate Camp
The Climate Camp is a model of participatory, collective organization and sustainable, low-carbon alternatives. And the camp was fun for the whole family—a great place for a summer holiday with the kids.
YES! Tools for a Purple America
10 Policies for a Better America interactive graphic

10 Policies for a Better America
Large majorities of Americans agree on more than you might think, from health care to war. Here is the YES! take on a purple agenda.
Populist tools interactive graphic

A Populist Toolkit
Ready to collaborate across Red and Blue? Here are some ways to get started.
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Signs of Life image Small Stories About Big Change: Creative opposition to war with Iran, 350 ppm climate target, plenty of home grown food, and many more…
Web Picks
Hari Kondabolu Comic against Racism
Laugh yourself smart. Stand-up meets social justice.

Naomi Klein on Awakening to Activism
and on journalism that is engaged and embedded in social movements

CD cover of Eliza Gilkyson's Beautiful World The Great Correction
Eliza Gilkyson's song and the story of a different kind of activist gathering.

Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix
Conservation and a surprising discovery along Syria's border with Iraq.

Film still from Ahmed and the return of the Arab phoenix
In Review
green leafFind design advice and checklists for your green construction or remodel in the Green Home Primer.

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