More from the Fall issue of YES! Magazine New Livelihoods including Do-It-Yourself Jobs, and Juliet Schor's article, “Work Less, Live More.”
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         September 2011 

more highlights from the fall 2011 issue of YES!

Less Work, More Living, Juliet Schor's article in the New Livelihoods issue of YES! Magazine
Less Work, More Living
by Juliet Schor

Working less could save jobs, save our sanity, and even help save our planet.

While millions of Americans can’t find work, others work too much. Sharing the work could give more people an income, cut our eco-footprint, and allow time for more of what makes life worth living.


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Cover of the Fall 2011 issue of YES!
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5 Steps to Redefine Making a Living.…
Less Is More 5 Steps to Redefine Making a Living
  The Good Life :: DIY Jobs  

Need a job? Create your own. Five entrepreneurs who said no to corporate jobs.

DIY Plant photo by Rachel Swenie
Southwest Designs photo by SCC Photo
DIY Soup Guy photo by Susan Seubert
1. Former Meat Plant Goes Veggie
Turning an abandoned building into a vertical urban farm.

2. Real-Life Benefits for Women
Sweatshop—not. This company puts employee benefits first.
3. Pedaling Sustainability
Soup (with local ingredients), delivered by bike. New jobs; low footprint.

DIY Urban Farm photo by Susan Seubert
DIY Christina Collins-Pezzner photo by Paul Dunn
4. Urban Farmers for Hire
Freshest veggies possible. These entrepreneurs help you grow your own.
5. Re-Fashioning Your Clothes
How one new mom traded in her corporate job for a DIY business, making discarded clothes new again.

  News from No Impact Week …  

The No Impact Experiment No Impact Week

The past few weeks have been unusually lively at the YES! office. Twenty staff and interns make up the YES! Magazine Dream Team for No Impact Week—there’s excitement, but also apprehension about just how hard this week might be.

Every day this week, 15 featured bloggers from around the world are sharing their experiences and insights about No Impact Week. Go to the No Impact Week page and click the “Follow our bloggers” link at the top.

MORE PERSONAL EXPERIENCES … including daily behind-the-scenes updates from the YES! Magazine Dream Team.

Hundreds of our readers and No Impact Week participants are sharing their own experiences. Come join the conversation on Facebook.
10 Tips for a Zero-Waste Household
A year’s worth of solid waste from Bea Johnson’s home fits in a quart jar. Here’s how you can reduce yours.
James Edwards' niece James Blogs on No Impact Week
James hopes that his niece, Nylah, will grow up in a more stable and connected world.
Vegetables photo by Martin Cathrae 7 Ways to Cook Up a Sustainable Diet
Helpful tips for planet-friendly eating.
Erin Collins Erin Blogs on No Impact Week
After leaving a simple life in an ashram in India, Erin’s figuring out how to live responsibly—and joyfully—in a challenging place: home.
  What’s New Online  

Roommates, photo courtesy of Leilani Clark rose soldier by Endre Vestvik FDR Memorial by Wally Gobetz Reefer Madness video still

The Roommate Revolution: Why Living Alone is Overrated
by Leilani Clark

At 37, Leilani Clark thought she was too old and too independent for roommates. But she soon found herself loving the sharing life … and she’s not alone.

A Truly Courageous Response to Terror
by Fran Korten

What we can learn from Norway: Violence, fear, and political repression aren’t the only way to respond to a terrorist attack.

The Path to Real Prosperity
by David Korten

A new jobs plan is thinking too small. What we need is a new economy.

Time to Stop the Real Reefer Madness
by Laura Carlsen

Since its inception, the War on Drugs has cost millions of dollars and thousands of lives. The civilians caught in the crossfire say it’s time for change.

  Did you miss…  

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Corporations aren’t hiring, and Washington is gridlocked. Here’s how we take charge of our own livelihoods

:: Paid Sick Leave for All  
Nearly 40 percent of all U.S. private-sector workers get no paid sick days—but Connecticut is leading the way to change that.

:: Radical Homemakers vs. the Hurricane  
Shannon Hayes reports from Schoharie County, New York, which was hard hit by Hurricane Irene.

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  From the Publisher …

Our First Carrot photo courtesy of Moosicorn Ranch Young Farmers: A Growing Movement
by Fran Korten

In spite of the daily discouraging environmental, political, and economic news, coaxing living things to grow somehow seems to make folks optimistic.

Recently during lunch at the YES! offices, online editor Brooke Jarvis made a casual comment I found quite stunning. Brooke, a sharp, talented 20-something, said “I don’t know a single person under 30 who doesn’t want to own a farm.”

  Featured Video 

Sarah and magazine cover

Creating Jobs in the New Normal
Sarah van Gelder on Free Speech TV: How local economies can help fight unemployment.  
  Web Picks  


Bicyclist going really fast

A Bikeshare Success Story
Who says Washington never gets anything right?

JR's TED Talk Still photo by JR

How Art Can Turn the World Inside Out
In Paris, Palestine, Peru, and beyond—guerrilla artist JR asks the people of the world to share their faces to transform urban landscapes into stories.

Film icon FILM

Young people take up farming The Down and Dirty Movement to Reinvent Farming
The Greenhorns documentary follows young farmers who are digging their way to an agricultural revolution.

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