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The YES! Take on Copenhagen

The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change offers a chance for the nations of the world to band together to meet the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. YES! Magazine brings you powerful ideas and practical actions from Copenhagen.   MORE »

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»  Kumi Naidoo on How We’ll Win at Copenhagen


The Necessity for Balance

Milenko Matanovic   |  Dec 11, 2009

It is my belief that creativity requires tensions. On the one hand, as creative humans we need to see the world just as it is, face it squarely, and accept it without filtering out the uncomfortable. We must accept both the beauty and the ugliness, the gentle and the violent, the wise and the stupid […]



Global South Demands Climate Justice

Jennifer Krill, Adrian Wilson   |  Dec 09, 2009

Whispers in the hallways at the COP-15 Copenhagen climate negotiations emerged as a full blown controversy yesterday, when the UK Guardian published leaked text that was written by a secret group of negotiators, the so-called "Circle of Commitment." The U.S., UK, Denmark and other rich countries are apparently responsible for the text, which was written […]



Africa and the Economic Crisis

Emira Woods   |  Dec 09, 2009

As the world turns its attention to Afghanistan and President Obama sends additional troops to that volatile region, pivotal events happening in Africa are falling further below the radar. The global economic crisis has brought negative impacts to the continent, such as a dramatic fall in commodity prices, from cotton to iron ore. There has […]


4 Quick Ways to Boost Employment

Dean Baker   |  Dec 04, 2009

It is encouraging to see the Obama administration return its focus to job creation. The stimulus bill passed last February was an important factor in stopping the steepest economic downturn since the Great Depression. The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office indicates that the ARRA of 2009 may have been responsible for creating as […]



Appalachia Fights for a Green Future

Bob Kincaid   |  Dec 08, 2009

A call went up from the coalfields of West Virginia on Monday. Outside the headquarters of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the voices of hundreds of people from across West Virginia and the country sounded as one. Coalfield residents, clergy, human rights and environmental justice activists, and concerned fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters […]


No Need to Wait (or Pay) for Climate Technology

David Bollier   |  Dec 04, 2009

As the world's attention converges on the Copenhagen climate summit, a little-mentioned issue is the proper role of patents in encouraging the development of emissions-free energy technologies. Large tech companies like to claim that they need broad patents to encourage their investment in innovative new technologies. And they are poised to make a fortune by […]



Fast for Climate Justice

Anna Keenan   |  Dec 07, 2009

On November 6, I began, with six others around the world, the Climate Justice Fast—an international hunger strike calling for immediate, courageous, and moral action on climate change. We have refused all food and drunk only water since this time, now over a month ago. We have since been joined by hundreds of others […]


video of the week   

Chimamanda Adichie on Why Stories Matter

TED Talk   |  Dec 09, 2009

Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie grew up in Nigeria reading British and American children’s books. So when she began to write at the age of 7, she wrote exactly the kinds of stories she read. Despite never having traveled outside of Nigeria, Adichie wrote about white, blue-eyed characters who played in the snow, ate apples, and […]


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