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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions


Still from the film Avatar

What's Wrong with Avatar?

Fran Korten   |  Jan 15, 2010

OK, I enjoyed the movie. A lot. Right up to when I took off the goggles and reflected on the ending.   MORE »


Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination in August, 2008. Some supporters feel that, as President, he has not lived up to his promise. Photo by Steve Jurvetson

Obama Needs Our Help

Jonathan Rowe   |  Jan 14, 2010

With presidents constrained by forces we can’t even see, the story of presidential achievement is in large measure the story of the movements that make action possible.   MORE »

Kevin Smith of Climate Justice Action protests outside the U.N. climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Photo by Matthew McDermott

The Power of Nonviolent Movements

Bryan Farrell   |  Jan 14, 2010

Jonathan Schell, a leader of the anti-nuclear movement, offers motivation and tactical advice to the new generation of climate activists.   MORE »


Residents can use dividends for renewable energy or to make their homes more energy efficient, offsetting higher carbon prices. Photo by longyoung

Reaping the Dividends of Reduced Emissions

Mike Sandler   |  Jan 13, 2010

California residents stand to gain a lot from the state's efforts to cap greenhouse gases: less pollution, greener infrastructure, and a yearly check in the mailbox.    MORE »


Ann Cooper believes in smarter school lunches. Photo by Stephen Collector

Smarter School Lunches

Ellen Mahoney   |  Jan 12, 2010

Healthy, local food for all kids? "Renegade Lunch Lady" Ann Cooper is starting a revolution in school cafeterias.   MORE »

video of the week   

Move Your Money

Move Your Money

Jan 13, 2010

Move Your Money is a growing national movement to switch money out of big, national banks and into local, community banks. A video paralleling "It's a Wonderful Life" promotes the campaign.   MORE »

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