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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

A participant in the women's group shows her journal, in which she painted memories of her home in Mexico. Photo by Crissie Orr El Otro Lado: Immigrant Stories Become Public Art

Judy Herzl, Aaron Stern   |  Feb 26, 2010

How residents of Santa Fe are breaking down barriers and growing closer as a community.   MORE »


Dennis Brutus was a South African poet, educator, and activist. He passed away in December, 2009. Hope’s Poet: Interview with Dennis Brutus

Shirin Shirin   |  Feb 25, 2010

The late Dennis Brutus, an elder in South Africa’s long struggle against apartheid, shares his story, his poetry, and why he’s optimistic about the global justice movement’s future.   MORE »


Secretary Solis testifies at a hearing about Strengthening the Economy and Improving the Lives of American Workers on February 3, 2010. Photo courtesy of the House Committee on Education and Labor Protecting Workers, Not Corporations

Mark Engler   |  Feb 25, 2010

By actually regulating businesses and standing up for workers’ rights, the new Department of Labor is part of a “quiet revolution” in government.   MORE »

Haitian peasant organizations have stepped in to fill the void left by the inadequate and chaotic international response to the earthquake. Here, a humanitarian aid provider. Photo by Roberto (Bear) Guerr Homegrown Aid in Haiti

Beverly Bell   |  Feb 25, 2010

Many displaced Haitians are turning to neighbors, family, and peasant organizations in the countryside for help.   MORE »

Though anti-tax campaigns like the "tea parties" receive wide media coverage, a majority of Americans supports government investment in services like infrastructure and education. In Oregon, residents voted to increase taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals. Photo by Steve Rhodes Beyond Tea Party Politics

Altaf Rahamatulla   |  Feb 22, 2010

Oregon voted to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy to help fund programs that assist low and middle-income families.   MORE »


Protest signs in Copenhagen's Parliament Square. Photo by Matthew McDermott After Copenhagen: How Can We Move Forward?

Tom Athanasiou   |  Feb 24, 2010

For all its complexity, the core of this problem can be stated simply enough: What kind of a climate transition would be fair enough to actually work?   MORE »


Photo by David Muir Whose Bank? Public Investment, Not Private Debt

Ellen Brown   |  Feb 19, 2010

The public bank concept is gaining ground on the state level, attracting proponents across the political spectrum.   MORE »

video of the week   

Image from video produced by Public Radio International on Ecuadorian indigenous Amazonian community reaction to seeing Avatar Avatar in the Amazon

Feb 23, 2010

The smash hit Avatar gets mixed reviews from Ecuador’s indigenous Amazonian community—an audience that's very familiar with the movie’s plot line.   MORE »

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