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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

As long as we pursue our individual desires as if we are not in fact interconnected to each other, we will at best only mouth words of spiritual wisdom but never truly express them in our lives. Photo by Jenny Downing. Freeing the Spirit of Change

Rabbi Ted Falcon   |  Apr 9, 2010

Ethical behavior and loving generosity are at the core of faith—so why is the world hurting? Rabbi Ted Falcon on why paying attention to our interconnection is the first step toward healing.   MORE »


Photo by Lidor. The New Zealand Way: Another Approach to Health Care

Ken Fabert   |  Apr 8, 2010

After 28 years as a primary care physician in the U.S., Dr. Ken Fabert traveled to New Zealand to see what patients and doctors think of their single-payer system.    MORE »


The Lackawanna Coal Mine in Pennsylvania, retired since the 1960s, is now a museum. Photo by Wally Gobetz. The High Cost of Cheap Coal

Brooke Jarvis   |  Apr 7, 2010

The West Virginia mine explosion is, unfortunately, only the most recent reminder of the true price of so-called cheap coal.   MORE »

Bicyclists celebrate Car Free Day by setting up a cafe in a parking spot. Photo by Kevin Steele No Car, No Problem

Orion Kriegman   |  Apr 5, 2010

How one man’s choice to live car-free brought him more in touch with his neighbors, his community, and himself.   MORE »


Photo by David M. Goehring. Move Your Money and Save

Stacy Mitchell   |  Apr 7, 2010

Big banks don’t just undermine local economies—they’re bad for your wallet, too. Stacy Mitchell on why community banks frequently offer a better deal and how the conglomerates have kept it a secret.    MORE »

The Genuine Progress Indicator will count the benefits of economic growth separately from the costsólike forest uprooted in the name of housing development. Photo by Todd Huffman. Maryland Launches Genuine Progress Indicator

Scott Gast   |  Apr 2, 2010

By changing their measurement of progress, Marylanders can see for themselves whether chasing the benefits of continued economic growth is worth the costs.   MORE »


In Port-au-Prince, mothers in a camp for people displaced by the January earthquake wait in line for their children to be inoculated against diphtheria and tetanus. The World Health Organization provides the vaccines, and Cuban doctors administer them. Photo courtesy of the United Nations Healing Body and Heart, Cuban Style

Beverly Bell & Tory Field   |  Apr 2, 2010

Cuban doctors and artists—on the ground in Haiti even before the earthquake—are helping survivors heal.   MORE »

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Joe Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund: 84% of Americans want an end to nuclear weapons A World Without Nuclear Weapons

Apr 7, 2010

With support from across the political spectrum—and historic leadership from President Obama—we are at a tipping point in the struggle for nuclear abolition.   MORE »

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