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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Supreme Court building Citizens United: People Strike Back

Riki Ott, David Cobb   |  Apr 16, 2010

How states and people are mobilizing to defend democracy.   MORE »


Chris Jordan collects plastic garbage on the beach in Midway. Photo by Jan Vozenilek Bearing Witness: Chris Jordan on Art, Grief, and Transformation

Brooke Jarvis   |  Apr 14, 2010

Photographer Chris Jordan’s latest project left him feeling grief and hopelessness. Now he wants more people to discover how productive those emotions can be.   MORE »


Photo by Bob Hooper. Shannon Hayes with her daughters Saoirse and Ula The Kid Question

Shannon Hayes   |  Apr 14, 2010

How one woman decided whether reproduction had a place in her quest for a sustainable life.   MORE »

Photo by qmnonic. Yard for Share: My Hyperlocavore Garden

Pamela O’Malley Chang   |  Apr 13, 2010

When the web connects gardeners with available land, surprising things can happen. Pamela Chang on the fresh food, new skills, and friendships she gained when she offered to share her land with a neighbor.   MORE »


On Christmas Eve, shoppers linger to talk to one another at a farmers' market in Canterbury, UK. Photo by Chris Beckett. Local Economies Close the Distance Between Us

Stacy Mitchell   |  Apr 13, 2010

But our city planning policies are rigged against them. How can we support neighborhood businesses that slow the pace of life and encourage people to get to know each other?   MORE »

video of the week   

Image from the documentary A Thousand Suns, which follows the Gamo delegation's trip to New York, exploring the impact that different worldviews have on agricultural practices, religious traditions, and our relationship to the environment A Thousand Suns

Apr 12, 2010

Our new problems might require paying attention to old wisdom. A new documentary looks to indigenous leadership for answers—and throws our way of life into sharp relief.   MORE »

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