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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Image from YES! video shot at the People's Summit on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia World People’s Summit on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

Apr 20-23, 2010

What happens when the people most affected by climate change lead the fight to stop it?   MORE »

video icon  VIDEO INTRO :: The Climate’s Second Chance

»  Message from Eduardo Galeano

»  Cochabamba's New Direction


To build strong local economies, we'll need new ways of directing capital back into our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Local food is one way to start. Photo by Dig Downtown Detroit Making Money Work: How Can We Reconnect Capital with Community?

Stacy Mitchell   |   Apr 23, 2010

Our investments tend to fund consolidation and speculation. But new models are emerging that allow us to finance the economy we really want.   MORE »


Earth as seen from the International Space Station. Images of Earth from space helped inspire the first Earth Day, in 1970. Photo by NASA The State of the Earth, 2010

Rebecca Solnit   |   Apr 22, 2010

We’re in a very bad way. But we also know the solution would make most of us richer—even if not in the ways we are presently accustomed to counting as wealth.   MORE »

In West Seattle, the High Point Pond collects and cleans stormwater runoff. It's part of a sustainable neighborhood redesign to promote walking and biking, urban agriculture, and affordable housing, as well as to protect the salmon-bearing Longfellow Creek. Photo courtesy of KUOW 94.9 On the Path to Climate Neutrality

Richard Conlin   |   Apr 22, 2010

Seattle hopes to become North America’s first climate neutral city. City council president Richard Conlin asks: What exactly are we getting ourselves into?   MORE »


All 49th Ward residents age 16 and over, regardless of voter registration or citizenship status, were invited to vote on the 36 budget proposals developed by the community. Photo by Josh Lerner Chicago’s $1.3 Million Experiment in Democracy

Josh Lerner, Megan Wade Antieau   |   Apr 20, 2010

For the first time in the U.S., the city’s 49th Ward lets taxpayers directly decide how public money is spent.   MORE »


Protest candles. Photo by Jonathan McIntosh Social Action: The Church’s Ministry in the World

Pastor Don Mackenzie   |   Apr 16, 2010

Somewhere in our history, the link between inner spirituality and its expression in the world as loving social action grew faint. To renew that connection, we can draw deeply on traditions that call attention to our Oneness.   MORE »


Robert Redford in the mountains of Utah, February 1970, the year Earth Day was first observed. Photo by John Dominis/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images This is Our Home

Apr 22, 2010

Robert Redford discusses the history and importance of Earth Day.   MORE »

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