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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Pete Souza / The White House. In Afghan Negotiations, Who’s at the Table?

Phyllis Bennis   |   May 14, 2010

Behind Karzai’s visit to Washington: A real path to peace will involve a lot more players (and fewer soldiers).   MORE »


Thousands of volunteers helped clean the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which affected hundreds of miles of coastline.  Photo by Jim Brickett. All Hands on Deck

Riki Ott   |   May 13, 2010

What can you do about the Gulf oil spill?   MORE »

'The new American Dream emerging in Detroit is a deeply-rooted spiritual and practical response to the devestation and dehumanization created by the old dream,'says Boggs. Photo by JSFauxtaugraphy. A Requiem for Detroit?

Grace Lee Boggs   |   May 12, 2010

A new documentary illustrates a different kind of American Dream taking hold in Detroit.    MORE »


The people worst-affected by climate change—the developing world's poor—are also the ones who did the least to cause it. The image above is part of a collection from artists around the world who have painted canvases illustrating the human impact of climate change in their countries. Image by Oxfam International. Debt vs. Localization: Climate Justice in the New Economy

David Korten   |   May 12, 2010

David Korten: Where does the concept of “climate debt” fit into a New Economy framework?   MORE »


Following 'intersection repair' by local neighbors, the corner of 33rd St. and Yamhill in Portland, Ore. is now better known as Sunnyside Piazza.  Photo courtesy of City Repair Building the World We Want: Interview with Mark Lakeman

Brooke Jarvis   |   May 12, 2010

Interview with the co-founder of the City Repair Project, a Portland group that helps neighbors turn public spaces into gathering places.   MORE »


Shannon and her daughter on their farm in upstate New York.  Photo courtesy of Shannon Hayes. The Case for Sustainable Meat

Shannon Hayes   |   May 12, 2010

Can meat have a place in the life of a “radical homemaker” trying to live sustainably? Farmer Shannon Hayes believes it can.   MORE »

The Black Mesa Mine has been inactive since 2005, though Peabody Energy is seeking to reopen it. Photo by Doc Searls. Replacing Coal with Green Jobs in Navajo Nation

Yvonne Liu   |   May 11, 2010

Shutting down coal mines was a first step. Now Navajo activists are working for a new, green-jobs economy.   MORE »


Share It Square intersection, the first City Repair Project in Portland. See our photo essay. City Repair in Action

May 12, 2010

Photo essay: City Repair helps people organize, design, and implement new, people-friendly visions for their communities—and reclaim the notion of “neighborhood” in the process. Here’s a collection of their best work.   MORE »

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