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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

John Francis delivering a TED talk Interview with John Francis

Madeline Ostrander   |   May 28, 2010

When an oil spill coated birds in San Francisco Bay 40 years ago, he quit driving. Then he quit speaking. Madeline Ostrander asked him what he learned in that process that can help us deal with the BP oil spill.   MORE »

The movement to transform our country's food system is picking up steam—and the political environment has never been better. Photo of Pike Place Market, Seattle by brian glanz. Reflections on a Growing Local Food Movement

Richard Conlin   |   May 27, 2010

The movement to transform our country’s food system is picking up steam—and the political environment has never been better.   MORE »


'Inuit Love.' Photo by Douglas Brown. Alaska Native Wisdom for Modern Times

Llarion Merculieff   |   May 27, 2010

The Roman Empire lasted for 500 years; southwest Alaska’s Aleuts for 9,000. As the economy crumbles, what can Alaska Natives teach us about sustainable economics?   MORE »

Health insurance documents, photo courtesy Progressive States Network The Health Care Reform Action Moves to the States

Enzo Pastore   |   May 26, 2010

Following the passage of federal heath care reform, many states take steps to implement—or improve upon—the legislation.   MORE »


'Compassion,' says Pastor Don Mackenzie, 'is the strongest sensibility known to humankind. It is similar to what happens in the ritual of marriage where two people give themselves to each other.' 'Old Couple' photo by h.koppdelaney. A World of Oneness

Pastor Don Mackenzie   |   May 27, 2010

Pastor Don Mackenzie redefines what it means to be truly “alive.”   MORE »

The separation of work and management is embarrassingly outdated. It's hard work that builds the relationship with land that good stewardship requires. Photo by Bob Hooper The Work Ahead

Shannon Hayes   |   May 24, 2010

Growing renewed relationships with our food, homes, and communities requires hard work. It’s time we embrace dirty hands.   MORE »


A May 17 rally in Washington, DC brought more than a thousand people into the streets, calling for a 'financial speculation tax' as part of a broader financial reform agenda. Photo courtesy Institute for Policy Studies: Reining in Wall Street: Round 1

Sarah Anderson   |   May 26, 2010

Congress is about to pass the first financial reform bill after the meltdown, which includes small positive steps. But there are two key pieces of unfinished business.   MORE »


YES! Video: It's Everybody's Water. Gustav the dog. Photo by Michael Dalby It’s Everybody’s Water

MAY 2010

All living things need water. It’s time we fell in love with the bundle of atoms that makes Earth possible. Watch this short, fun video.   MORE »

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