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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

'Most Americans are not only convinced we have the best troops, the best training, and the most advanced weapons, but also the purest motives.' Photo by Jayel Aheram. An End to Constant War

William J. Astore   |   Jul 9, 2010

Seven reasons we’re always at war … and seven ways to quit.   MORE »


Photo by Kaitlin Bailey. Independence Day

Pastor Don Mackenzie   |   Jul 8, 2010

America may be free from a monarch, but can we be truly independent in a consumerist society?   MORE »


Photo by leedav. How to Share Time

Mira Luna   |   Jul 8, 2010

When dollars are scarce, timebanks help neighbors swap skills, instead.   MORE »


'Powerful stories can break us beyond our isolated worlds,' says Loeb. Photo by GreenForAll. When Numbers Aren’t Enough

Paul Loeb   |   Jul 7, 2010

Statistics rarely get under our skin, but stories do. Paul Loeb offers advice for catalyzing social change.   MORE »

Arriving in Louisiana, the delegates prepare to speak of their experiences with their own oil crisis. Photo by Amazon Watch. Tribes Unite to Fight BP

Sue Sturgis   |   Jul 7, 2010

A delegation of indigenous leaders from Ecuador visited Louisiana to share what they learned in a decades-long battle with Texaco.   MORE »

Book cover of Getting a Grip 2, by Frances Moore Lappé Why Power Is Not a Dirty Word

Frances Moore LappÉ   |   Jul 2, 2010

Frances Moore Lappé looks at redefining power and taking it back.   MORE »


The Ash Grove Cement Company was the first U.S.-based cement company to join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as an active participant in its Cement Sustainability Initiative.  Photo Lydia Heard. But What About Embedded Carbon?

Richard Conlin   |   Jul 2, 2010

Seattle is committed to becoming a carbon neutral city, but is discovering the difficulty in finding an end to the carbon trail.    MORE »


“Action is the Antidote to Despair”

Jul 6, 2010

A photographer bears witness to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.    MORE »
Photo by Kris Krug.

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