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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Wouter de Bruijn. w00ter Summer Reading from YES! Magazine

Aug 06, 2010

Find out where the YES! staff is finding inspiration this summer.   MORE »


Photo by Jane Braxton Little. Coming of Age in Hiroshima

Jane Braxton Little   |   Aug 05, 2010

65 years later, what we can learn—and why we still can’t forget.   MORE »


Photo by Lower Columbia College. lowercolumbiacollege In Massachusetts, A Victory for Fair Elections

Rob Richie   |   Aug 05, 2010

The Bay State is the latest to sign on to a simple strategy to make sure that every vote counts.   MORE »


Scene from Moscow's hottest summer in history. Peat fires and weeks of record heat have led officials to advise residents to stay home. Photos by Boris SV. borisv 3 Steps Toward a Politics of Global Warming

Bill McKibben   |   Aug 04, 2010

The Senate debacle taught us that making nice doesn’t work. So what’s next?   MORE »


David Korten A Tale of Two Economies

David Korten   |   Aug 04, 2010

David Korten wants your help planning the narration for a new video about our economic choices: Wall Street’s phantom wealth vs. the real wealth of a Main Street economy.   MORE »

Photo by Brent Danley. brentdanley A Different Kind of Ownership Society

Marjorie Kelly, Shanna Ratner   |   Aug 03, 2010

Innovative strategies for cooperative local ownership make it possible for prosperity to be shared as well as sustainable.   MORE »

Photo by Discovery Point Club. grand-cayman Main Street Businesses Take on Corporate Tax Havens

Chuck Collins   |   Aug 02, 2010

When Wall Street dodges taxes, Main Street is left to pick up the slack. Now a coalition of small businesses, community banks, and domestic manufacturers are joining forces to hold corporations accountable.   MORE »


Pete Seeger: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In

Aug 04, 2010

As Willie Nelson taught us, you just can’t play a sad song on a banjo. Folk legend Pete Seeger unveils his newest protest song.   MORE »
Pete Seeger performing his latest protest song with James Maddock

Pete Seeger, activist, folksinger and YES! subscriber since 1997, says 'YES! is my absolute favorite magazine.' Get a set of greeting cards of Pete by artist Robert Shetterly from the Americans Who Tell the Truth series.

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