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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Residents demonstrate the impact of fracking chemicals on their tap water.  Photo courtesy of Gasland. Residents demonstrate the impact of fracking chemicals on their tap water.  Photo courtesy of Gasland. The Fight Against Fracking

Maura Stephens   |   Aug 13, 2010

How New Yorkers won a moratorium on a drilling practice that threatens their lives, homes, and water.   MORE »

Photo by Marco-Olivier Maheu. marcomaheu How to Keep Your Cool Without Air-Conditioning

Stan Cox   |   Aug 12, 2010

8 ways to beat the heat without cranking up the planet’s thermostat.    MORE »


Photo by NASA. A Giant Leap for Humankind

Pastor Don Mackenzie   |   Aug 13, 2010

The inner work we need requires every bit of the cooperation, imagination, discipline, and hope present in that first step onto the moon.    MORE »

Michael Janzen building his tiny free house My Tiny, Free House

Michael Janzen   |   Aug 10, 2010

Michael Janzen had a big house and a big mortgage. Then the financial crisis hit, and he wondered just how small, and how cheap, a house could be.   MORE »


Photo courtesy of Survival International. Unlikely Alliances in Fight for Sacred Lands

Tess Thackara   |   Aug 12, 2010

Major shareholders are joining the Dongria Kondh tribe’s fight to protect their homeland from mining by Vedanta Resources.   MORE »

Photo by SEIU International. seiu Rejecting Arizona: States Say No to Anti-Immigrant Bills

Suman Raghunathan   |   Aug 11, 2010

Despite the hype, states are finding lots of reasons not to follow in Arizona’s footsteps.   MORE »


Photo by Ivan Dervisevic. ilikespoons The Work-Sharing Boom: Exit Ramp to a New Economy?

Juliet Schor   |   Aug 09, 2010

To cope with the recession, some companies are cutting hours instead of employees. Will the trend have long-term effects?   MORE »

Photo by Jo Christian Oterhals. oter 10 Common Sense Principles for a New Economy

David Korten   |   Aug 06, 2010

It’s time we the people declare our independence from the money-favoring Wall Street economy.   MORE »


Tab Benoit: Voice of the Wetlands

Aug 13, 2010

From up in the air, activist Tab Benoit bears witness to the coastal erosion and loss of wetlands in southern Louisiana.    MORE »
Image from video of Tab Benoit talking about coastal erosion

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