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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Maldives Underwater Cabinet Meeting. Photo by Mohamed Seeneen. sindi 10 Ways to Celebrate 10/10/10   |   Oct 08, 2010

How to bring this weekend’s global work party to your town.   MORE »

Bill McKibben and a group of activists located one of the solar panels that graced the White House roof during the Carter Administration and returned it. Photo courtesy of 350org White House Goes Solar, After All

Bill McKibben   |   Oct 06, 2010

The White House’s decision to install solar panels will give a boost to 10/10/10, this weekend’s global work party in support of climate solutions.   MORE »


Photo courtesy of the municipal government of Pinas. municipiopinas Standing Up for Democracy in Ecuador

Laura Carlsen   |   Oct 07, 2010

The Correa government is a progressive leader in Latin America.   MORE »

Image by Joulupukki How We Brought Down a Dictator

Bryan Farrell, Eric Stoner   |   Oct 07, 2010

10 years later: A conversation with Srdja Popovic, a leader in the the nonviolent overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic.    MORE »

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial to demand jobs, justice, and education for all. Photo by Eric P. One Nation: Uniting for Jobs, Not War

Phyllis Bennis   |   Oct 06, 2010

At the historic One Nation Working Together march, activists made the connection between unemployment and our outsize military budget.   MORE »


'Across the Fence' Image by Tonp tonp Support Groups for Hard Times

Chuck Collins   |   Oct 05, 2010

How can Transition Towns and Common Security Clubs help us navigate a changing economy and environment?   MORE »


Meet Buffy,  O'Malley, Spike, and Nimoy: 12-year-old Hannah Mckinney's urban backyard chickens. Photo by Tatyana Ryevzina Reflections on the Transition

Pamela O’Malley Chang   |   Oct 05, 2010

Self-sufficiency, I realize, is a misnomer. What I am aiming for is local sufficiency, together with my neighbors.   MORE »


GBIACK training center. Photo by Heather Day In Kenya, Farmers Grow Their Own Way

Heather Day, Travis English   |   Oct 04, 2010

Thousands of grassroots, African-led efforts are building locally rooted alternatives to the chemical agriculture promoted by the Gates Foundation and Monsanto.   MORE »


The Happy Planet Index

Oct 08, 2010

Video: Forget the GDP. There’s a new way to measure the good things in life.   MORE »
Image from Nic Marks' TED talk on the Happy Planet Index

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