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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Carrots in Love, photo by Debbie R. Finding Love: Is it Different for Radical Homemakers?

Shannon Hayes   |   Feb 11, 2011

Shannon Hayes reflects on Valentine’s Day.   MORE »

Drew and Dan at the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, where Drew got the highest mission score in his group on his first try on the simulated space shuttle.  Photo courtesy of Dan Coulter Getting Inside the Heads of Students With Asperger Syndrome

Dan Coulter   |   Feb 09, 2011

How do you help a student with Asperger Syndrome discover his strengths and thrive in the classroom? Dan Coulter helps teachers understand what goes on inside the head of a student with Asperger Syndrome.   MORE »


Egyptian protesters making a human chain to protect outnumbered police. Photo by Aaron Pina In Egypt, Something Rare and Remarkable

Katherine Gustafson   |   Feb 10, 2011

From Cairo, a first-person account of the way Egyptians supported and protected one another during the historic protests that led to the departure of President Hosni Mubarak.   MORE »


Jared Loughner was in legal possession of the Glock 19 handgun he used in the fatal shooting in Tucson earlier this year. Arizona's gun laws are among the most lenient in the nation.  Photo by Joe Holst. 4 Ways to Stop Gun Violence

Benjamin Van Houten   |   Feb 09, 2011

The nation is grieving after yet another fatal mass shooting. Aren’t there ways to curb this ongoing national tragedy?   MORE »

Money Behind Health Care. Photo by Jared Rodriguez, A Better Approach to Health Care

Margaret Flowers, MD   |   Feb 08, 2011

As the current health law comes under attack and our national deficit continues to grow, single-payer plans are gaining more and more interest.   MORE »


Stop Tax Dodgers, a sign at a UK Uncut protest at Brighton's Churchill Square Shopping Centre, December, 2010. Photo by Dominic Alves. The UK’s Progressive Tea Party

Johann Hari   |   Feb 08, 2011

In the UK, the Great Recession inspired ordinary people to take on corporate tax evaders—with enormous success. Can the same model work in the U.S.?   MORE »

'Too Much Credit.' Debt isn't necessarily a bad thing - but it needs to be backed by real assets to work properly.  Photo by Andres Rueda. Good Debt, Bad Debt

David Korten   |   Feb 08, 2011

David Korten explains the logic behind a debt-based money system—and why it isn’t working in the United States.   MORE »


Cedar River Watershed. One way Seattle is adapting to a changing climate is by creating habitat management plans for the Cedar, Skagit, Pend Oreille, and Tolt Watersheds. Photo by Tiffany Berry. Changing with the Climate

Richard Conlin   |   Feb 07, 2011

In Seattle, how changes in policy help prepare for changes in climate.   MORE »


Sir Ken on Changing Paradigms

Feb 09, 2011

Sir Ken Robinson does it again! In this brilliant RSA Animate video, the creativity expert uncovers the link between drop-out rates, dwindling support of the arts, and ADHD.   MORE »
Image from the RSA animation with creativity guru Sir Ken Robinson championing a radical rethink of our education system

Even the Biggest Thinkers Appreciate Some New Ideas.

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