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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

The Spring 2011 issue of YES! Magazine, Can Animals Save Us? What They Teach Us About Being Human: Marc Bekoff's article 'We Second That Emotion' A preview of the animals issue of YES!
What They Teach Us About Being Human

The Emotional Lives of Animals

Marc Bekoff   |   Mar 02, 2011

Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience.   MORE »



Shannon Hayes and daughter by Bob Hooper My Antidote to Overwhelm

Shannon Hayes   |   Mar 04, 2011

Shannon Hayes: People ask me, “How do you do it all?” The answer is, I don’t … and there’s a good reason for that.   MORE »


Tim DeChristopher took direct, nonviolent action to help stop climate change. Now he's on trial for his actions... Photo by Daphne Hougan Civil Disobedience on Trial: Tim DeChristopher Convicted

Brooke Jarvis   |   Mar 03, 2011

How does the United States try cases of civil disobedience? Defendant Tim DeChristopher on how much has changed since the founding fathers.   MORE »


Children in Ladakh, India. Rather than becoming more competitive with other nations, we should turn to global cooperation so that every child can look forward to a secure future. Photo by Daniela Hartmann 7 Steps for Action Toward a New Economy

David Korten   |   Mar 02, 2011

Seven reasons why our Old Economy is failing—each paired with its New Economy solution.   MORE »

Baseball, Apple Pie, Labor Rights. Draped in an American flag, a protester displays a sign implying that labor rights are as American as Baseball and Apple Pie. Photo by Rob Chandanais. Wall Street’s War Against the Middle Class

David Korten   |   Mar 01, 2011

Why is the middle class shrinking?   MORE »


US Uncut protesters on Saturday, February 26, 2011 closed down the Washington, D.C. branch of Bank of America. Protesters across the country targeted Bank of America for its failure to pay taxes in 2009 and 2010. Photo courtesy Chuck Collins “Do You Pay Your Taxes? Bank of America Doesn’t”

Chuck Collins   |   Feb 28, 2011

The latest from a growing international movement to make corporate tax dodgers pay … so public services don’t have to.   MORE »

Wisconsin Standing Together, photo by Micah Uetricht Bigger than Unions, Bigger than Wisconsin

Micah Uetricht   |   Feb 25, 2011

How Americans across professions, religions, and states are uniting in opposition to Wisconsin’s anti-union bill—and cultivating a movement that reaches far beyond the state border.   MORE »


Israel wall and settlement by Jacob Rask. Stopping the Settlements: Can a Veto Mean Victory?

Phyllis Bennis   |   Feb 26, 2011

Phyllis Bennis: Bureaucratic defeat within the United Nations security council might lead to diplomatic victory for those seeking to end Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.   MORE »


The Story of Citizens United

Mar 01, 2011

Annie Leonard’s new film asks: Why have corporations gotten so powerful? And what can we do about it?   MORE »
Annie Leonard in her new film, The Story of Citizens United v. FEC: Why Democracy Only Works When People Are in Charge

The new issue of YES! Magazine is here! Too often, we forget the biological truth that humans are an animal species, too. If we learn to understand animals, we can protect and restore the planet we all share.

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