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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

The Spring 2011 issue of YES! Magazine, Can Animals Save Us? What They Teach Us About Being Human Animals Among Us

Sarah van Gelder   |   Mar 08, 2011

Should we eat animals? Can we save our ailing wildlife? What can animals teach us about caring for the planet and each other? The Spring 2011 issue of YES! Magazine explores our relationship with other creatures.   MORE »



The Burj Khalifa building in Dubai stands at 2,717 feet, making it the world's tallest built structure.  Photo by Ahmad DXB. In the Built Environment, the Tyranny of the Big, the Beauty of the Small

Jason McLennan   |   Mar 11, 2011

Green building leader Jason McLennan on ways to keep our buildings and cities at a healthy, human scale.   MORE »


The Wisconsin State Capitol is once again full of demonstrators. 'Huge crowd outside the assembly, chanting 'SHAME'. Photo by Jessie Reeder. “This is Not Democracy”—
Wisconsin’s Anti-Union Bill Passes

Brooke Jarvis   |   Mar 10, 2011

In a controversial move, Republicans maneuvered the passage of Wisconsin’s assault on collective bargaining after three weeks of protests. How’d they do it, and what happens next?   MORE »

On February 22, 2011, participants of the We Are One Rally in Des Moines, Iowa showed both their solidarity with Wisconsin protesters and their support of Iowa workers. Photo by Phil Roeder. Why Every American Should Care About Wisconsin

Amy B. Dean   |   Mar 04, 2011

The debate in Wisconsin doesn’t just apply to union members and public workers—it applies to every American who cares about our fundamental rights as citizens.   MORE »


Saturday Art for Children and Teens. Photo by Nazareth College. What Is Democratic Education?

Isaac Graves   |   Mar 09, 2011

Sure, we teach democracy in our schools—but we need to practice it there, too.   MORE »


Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, speaks in opposition to Wisconsin's proposed "Budget Repair Bill." Though firefighters are not among the public workers targeted by the bill, they have been a vocal part of ongoing protests. Photo by David Hoefler. Mahlon Mitchell: The Middle Class Needs to Stick Together

Robby Mellinger   |   Mar 08, 2011

Firefighters weren’t directly included in the anti-union bill that sparked the protests in Madison. Lieutenant Mahlon Mitchell on why they’re taking to the streets, anyway.   MORE »

The East India Company was chartered in 1600 to aid in Britain's colonization of India, and in the early 1800s the company exported tea from China using illegal opium to pay for its purchases. The Fleet of the East India Co., Homeward Bound from China, Under the Command of Sir Nanthaniel Dance by William Daniell, 1804. Painting by William Daniell On the Origin of Corporations

David Korten   |   Mar 07, 2011

David Korten: How the buccaneers and privateers of days past came to be the Wall Street profiteers of the present.   MORE »

'Protesting Scott Walker' Photo of Wisconsin Capitol Protest by antrover. How Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity into Prosperity: Own a Bank

Ellen Brown   |   Mar 05, 2011

An answer to state budget woes that doesn’t need to involve sacrificing workers’ rights.   MORE »


Islande Henry with one of her paintings on women's rights.  Photo by Allyn Gaestel. Haitian Renaissance: Youth Paint a New Country

Beverly Bell   |   Mar 07, 2011

How a community art program in Haiti is empowering young people to express their hope for a better future.   MORE »


Photo Essay: Domesticated

Feb 11, 2011

One photographer’s take on the mystery of the wild, and our constant efforts to tame it.   MORE »
Photo by Amy Stein

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