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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

'Work is a core class intersection in American life.' Photo by Laura The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy

Lisa Dodson   |   Mar 18, 2011

All around you are everyday heroes who refuse to be complicit in the economic mistreatment of other people.   MORE »


Michigan Protesters by Peace Education Center Fighting America’s Corporate Coup D’Etat

Amy Goodman   |   Mar 17, 2011

Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein on how Americans across the country are resisting the shock doctrine.   MORE »

These days, we seem to expect whatever money we don’t immediately spend to grow in perpetuity without effortt. 'Piggy Bank' by Keith Ramsey. Phantom Wealth and False Expectations

David Korten   |   Mar 15, 2011

David Korten: Think money can grow in perpetuity without real value? Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of phantom expectations.   MORE »


Prospects of a Canadian television station similar to Fox News prompted attention to an obscure Canadian law that prohibits giving false of misleading information on broadcast news. Fox News interviewer. Photo by Panu Tangchalermkul. A Law Against Lying on the News

Dave Saldana   |   Mar 17, 2011

Why Canada has one and the U.S. doesn’t.   MORE »

On Saturday, March 12, some 100,000 people thronged the Wisconsin capitol building to protest the state's attack on collective bargaining. Photo by Eyton Z. Wisconsin Awakens a Sleeping Giant

Sarah van Gelder, Brooke Jarvis   |   Mar 15, 2011

As Wisconsin’s attack on workers spreads to other states, so does the historic uprising that began in Madison.   MORE »


Farms Fight Fracking photo by Not An Alternative. Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time

Mari Margil   |   Mar 17, 2011

What’s a town to do when state regulatory agencies don’t keep corporate drilling out?   MORE »

Bread, a Mozambican staple, is in high demand after it arrives at a bakery in Mozambique, where escalating prices of staple foods have provoked riots. Photo courtesy of ILRI. The Coming Global Food Fight

John Cavanagh, Robin Broad   |   Mar 15, 2011

As aggression mounts with the rise of food prices worldwide, small-scale farms rooted in local markets could avert international disaster—and lead the way to “food democracy.”   MORE »


Japan Earthquake by Roberto Maxwell. From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Rethinking Atomic Energy

Jonathan Schell   |   Mar 16, 2011

The combined devastation of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant explosion begs the question: Doesn’t Mother Nature provide enough forces of destruction without humans adding one of our own?   MORE »

Nuclear symbol image by Ron Sussman Nuclear Disarmament is People’s Work

Joe Copeland   |   Mar 15, 2011

Presidential declarations and filmmakers’ scare tactics get the attention—meanwhile, powerful grassroots movements build on 60 years of effort.   MORE »


Finding Creativity in Our Frenzied World

Mar 14, 2011

Video: John Cleese on how to let your tortoise mind come out to play.   MORE »
John Cleese video still

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