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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

'Money flower.' Photo by kolix. A Choice for States: Banks, Not Budget Crises

Ellen Brown   |   Mar 25, 2011

9 ways state-owned banks could help states overcome budget deficits and boost their local economies.   MORE »

'Money' Photo by Nick Ares. A System Designed to Crash

David Korten   |   Mar 21, 2011

David Korten on why a money system dependent on constant growth can’t last.   MORE »


An Aristide supporter in Cite Soleil.  Photo by Ansel. Haiti: Resilience or Interference?

Madeline Ostrander   |   Mar 24, 2011

Aristide’s return to Haiti is a chance to ask what role the U.S. will play in the nation’s future.   MORE »

A protester in Cairo during the uprising against former President Hosni Mubarak. 'The lion of Egyptian revolution' Photo Why We Revolt

Rebecca Solnit   |   Mar 24, 2011

When and how does the moment come when people stop believing in the power that has ruled them? When and how do ordinary people discover their own power?   MORE »


Ragged Old Flag. Photo by Beverly & Pack. We’re Number One!

James Gustave Speth   |   Mar 22, 2011

Americans are number one in quite a few areas—but they’re not all accomplishments to be proud of.   MORE »

'Love of nature' Fern Heart photo by Glisglis. Time to Grow Our Souls

Grace Lee Boggs   |   Mar 22, 2011

Grace Lee Boggs on what it will take to make the protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere truly transformative.   MORE »


The word security for many people conjures up images of surveillance cameras and deadbolt locks, when it should evoke a sense of mutual aid and support.  Security Camera photo by Thomas Hawk. What Makes Us Secure?

Sarah Byrnes   |   Mar 21, 2011

It’s not about deadbolts and surveillance cameras—it’s about having people you can turn to for help.   MORE »


The Enrico Fermi nuclear power plant in Rockwood, Michigan.  Photo by James Marvin Phelps. Saying No to the Nuclear Option

Sarah Laskow   |   Mar 21, 2011

What will Japan’s nuclear disaster mean for nuclear power elsewhere?   MORE »


What Lies Beneath

Spring, 2011

Video: The Census of Marine Life reveals more than 6,000 potentially new species living in our oceans.   MORE »
Census of Marine Life video still

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