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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

World map graphic by Michelle Ney 10 Everyday Acts of Resistance That Changed the World

Steve Crawshaw, John Jackson  |  Apr 1, 2011

Václav Havel called it “the power of the powerless.” How regular people, from Denmark to Liberia, have stood up to power—and won.   MORE »


Photo by Page Design War Is Not Peace

Christa Hillstrom   |   Apr 8, 2011

For decades, School of the Americas Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois has argued that embracing militarism will never bring us the security we seek. But he thinks he knows what will.   MORE »

Baboon photo by Natalie Manuel Warrior Baboons Give Peace a Chance

Robert M. Sapolsky   |   Apr 8, 2011

Born violent? A troop of baboons chooses an enduring culture of peace.   MORE »


Colombia Pepper, by Neil Palmer (CIAT) Feeding the World: It’s Not About Quantity

Danielle Nierenberg, Mara Schecter   |   Apr 8, 2011

The resilience of our food supply is as much about the quality and diversity of our food sources as it is about how much we produce.   MORE »

Seattle Density by Michael Coghlan When Density Meets Community

Richard Conlin   |   Apr 7, 2011

In Seattle, cutting carbon while increasing quality of life.   MORE »


Wall of Peace, photo by Éole Wind Answering Your Interfaith Questions

Rabbi Ted Falcon   |   Apr 7, 2011

If compassion is taught as the heart of all religious traditions, why is it that religion seems to divide us?   MORE »

Smiling kids, by Arianne How to Design a Neighborhood for Happiness

Jay Walljasper   |   Apr 4, 2011

The way we design our communities plays a huge role in how we experience our lives.   MORE »


From Memphis to Madison rally by Karen Hickey Where Does the Labor Movement Go From Here?

Amy B. Dean   |   Apr 6, 2011

How the movement for workers’ rights can harness the energy of the present moment.   MORE »

Money as Religion by Goldemberg Fonseca de Almeida Greed is Not a Virtue

David Korten   |   Apr 5, 2011

David Korten: Profit-centered market fundamentalism has become a national religion.   MORE »


The Teatime Series

APRIL 1 , 2011

How backyard hummingbirds gave a healing photojournalist a new lens on life.   MORE »
American Goldfinch. Photo by Betty Udesen from her Teatime Series

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