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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Allen Ballinger What’s the Harm in Hunting?

Alyssa B. Johnson   |   Apr 22, 2011

It’s an expression of our most fundamental relationship with nature, but can you really be moral and be a hunter, too? Our intern headed into the wild to find out.   MORE »


Climate activists chanting at the Power Shift 2011 rally in Washington, D.C.  Photo by M.V. Jantzen. Power Shift: How the Youth Climate Movement is Changing the Game

Sarah van Gelder   |   Apr 22, 2011

Jessy Tolkan: In the fight for the climate, students are leading the way.   MORE »


Garbage/Tree. Photo by the camera is a toy. 42 Ways to Not Make Trash

Colin Beavan   |   Apr 22, 2011

Taking what he learned from his experiment, No Impact Man Colin Beavan offers 42 tips to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.   MORE »

A boy at the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Photo by Kris Krug. The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill

Nick Buxton   |   Apr 21, 2011

A new law expected to pass in Bolivia mandates a fundamental ecological reorientation of the nation’s economy and society.   MORE »

Cherri Foytlin. Cherri Foytlin, after arriving in Washington, DC, speaks outside the BP lobbying headquarters.  Photo by Karen Savage for Bridge the Gulf. A Message from the Gulf: It’s Not Over

Cherri Foytlin   |   Apr 20, 2011

A year after the BP oil spill, Cherri Foytlin walked 1,243 miles to send a message: the Gulf is still suffering, and residents are mobilizing for change.   MORE »


Community Garden Smiles, by gail m tang Don’t Get Fooled Again: Writing Our Own Economic Future

Sarah Byrnes   |   Apr 20, 2011

My neighbors and I know we can’t go back to the old economy. But what can we do to build a new one?   MORE »

Building Bridges by Courtney Boulton The World of Our Dreams

David Korten   |   Apr 18, 2011

A stunning and hopeful truth: The world we must create in order to survive is also the vision that unites us.   MORE »


May Day 2010 rally for immigration reform in Washington, D.C.  Photo by Justin Valas. Immigrant Youth Movement Takes a Civil Rights Lesson

Daniel Altschuler   |   Apr 19, 2011

How young immigrant activists are learning from the the civil rights campaigners who came before them.   MORE »


Tim DeChristopher: The Climate Movement Needs to Step It Up

Apr 18, 2011

Speaking at Power Shift 2011, activist Tim DeChristopher says it’s high time the environmental movement stop just making statements—and start taking a stand.   MORE »
Image from Tim DeChristopher's keynote speech at Power Shift 2011

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