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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Koren Carbuccia photo courtesy of the Right To Vote series My First Vote

May 06, 2011

“I was overjoyed when I got my voter registration card. I was a real citizen!” Ex-offenders on reclaiming the human right to vote.   MORE »

Photo by Andrew Bossi I’m Looking for Justice, Not Vengeance

Brooke Jarvis   |   May 03, 2011

A 9/11 widow on working for peace when the world expects you to want revenge.   MORE »

Photo by Tania Liu Time to End the War

Robert Naiman   |   May 02, 2011

Let’s not let this chance for peace slip by us.   MORE »


Photo by SimplyShutterbug The Public Library Manifesto

David Morris   |   May 06, 2011

Why libraries matter, and how we can save them.   MORE »

Love revolution by Jessica Lucia Violence Disguised as Religion

Pastor Don Mackenzie   |   May 03, 2011

Pastor Don Mackenzie on how to keep religion from being used to justify hatred and suffering.   MORE »


Rainforest photo by Lou Dematteis Photo Essay: Crude Reflections from the Amazon

Lou Dematteis   |   May 04, 2011

After enduring years of toxic dumping and rising cancer rates, indigenous Ecuadorians took oil giant Chevron to court to fight for the life of the rainforest—and its people.   MORE »

Oaks school kids, courtesy What the “We’re Not Broke” Backlash Means for the Climate

Tom Athanasiou   |   Apr 29, 2011

What do the deficit, budget, and tax battles now raging across America and Europe have to do with solving climate change? More than you think.   MORE »


Photo by Michael Aston The New Economy: Design for Life

David Korten   |   May 02, 2011

Can we design a self-correcting society?   MORE »


The Adventures of a Stubborn Grandmother

May 06, 2011

From StoryCorps, a funny, poignant interview between a strong-willed woman, her son, and her granddaughter.   MORE »
Video still courtesy of StoryCorps

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