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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Maya Ng and Barack Obama Obama’s Sister: What Our Mother Taught Us

Fran Korten   |   May 20, 2011

Maya Soetoro-Ng reflects on her childhood with brother Barack, her own family and children, and how to keep everyone connected.   MORE »


Photo by Fronteras Desk Mexicans Reject U.S.-Backed Drug War

Laura Carlsen   |   May 19, 2011

Led by a popular poet, tens of thousands of protesters fill the streets of Mexico to speak out against the war on drugs.    MORE »

Photo by Moonpie Dig It Truth and Reconciliation in New York

David Kaczynski   |   May 13, 2011

Ex-offenders and families of victims ask, how can we resolve the tension between our need to protect society, and our desire to believe in human redemption?    MORE »


Photo by Evan Long Living Buildings, Living Economies, and a Living Future

David Korten   |   May 18, 2011

David Korten: What we can learn from two of the most exciting emerging movements of our time.   MORE »

Photo by Charlie Nguyen What a Public Bank Could Mean for California

Ellen Brown   |   May 16, 2011

The state’s facing big debt, but also big opportunity.   MORE »


Photo courtesy The White House What I Said at the White House

Shadia Fayne Wood   |   May 17, 2011

What happened when eleven young activists confronted the president about his climate and energy policies.   MORE »

Photo by schoCreative Peak Oil: A Chance to Change the World

Richard Heinberg   |   May 14, 2011

For advice about life after graduation, students at Worcester Polytechnic wanted to hear from peak oil scholar Richard Heinberg instead of Exxon’s CEO. Here’s what he told them.    MORE »


Mr. Colbert Goes to the FEC

May 18, 2011

The satirist wants to form “a megaphone made of cash”—his own super PAC.    MORE »
Photo by Nicko Margolies for the Sunlight Foundation

Even the Biggest Thinkers Appreciate Some New Ideas.

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