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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Tahrir Square photo by flickr user Kodak Agfa A Meditation on Revolution

Bert Sacks   |   Jul 29, 2011

From Tel Aviv to Baghdad, a lifelong peace activist remembers why true transformation comes from the power of nonviolence.   MORE »

Cemetery photo from Game Changers in Global AIDS Fight

William Minter   |   Jul 27, 2011

New studies and successes show we have an opportunity to turn back this deadly epidemic.   MORE »


Prison puppies photo by Ian Wingfield What the Outside Can Do for the Inside

Stuart Glascock, Paige Grant, Chris Hann   |   Jul 29, 2011

Family, community, and the world of ideas help prisoners cope and prepare for life after incarceration. Eight outreach programs that make a difference.   MORE »


Tim DeChristopher photo courtesy of “This Is What Hope Looks Like”

Tim DeChristopher   |   Jul 27, 2011

During his sentencing, activist Tim DeChristopher had the opportunity to speak, at length, to the court. This is what he said.   MORE »

Tim DeChristopher portrait The Courage to Stop Pretending: Tim DeChristopher Sentenced

Brooke Jarvis   |   Jul 26, 2011

Can going to jail be a happier choice than turning a blind eye to climate injustice?   MORE »


Photo by Tantek Çelik Every Great Social Movement

David Korten   |   Jul 25, 2011

David Korten: The biggest shifts of our time have been sparked by ordinary people rejecting the cultural stories that dominated them.   MORE »

Photo by Eelco Mission-Driven Media: The New Landscape in Journalism

Jul 22, 2011

Today’s independent media goes beyond false objectivity.   MORE »


Worth Dying For

Jul 27, 2011

A video tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives to protect the environment.   MORE »

Even the Biggest Thinkers Appreciate Some New Ideas.

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