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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

White Flowers photo by Sel What We Could Lose Unless We Change: Remembering Ray Anderson

Paul Hawken   |   Aug 12, 2011

"Reimagining the world was a responsibility for Ray, a gift to a future that is begging for selflessness and vision." Paul Hawken honors the life of a green business pioneer.    MORE »

Cotton illustration Cotton With Conscience

Lily Hicks, Krista Vogel   |   Aug 10, 2011

How to wear cotton without wearing out the planet.   MORE »


License plate map photo by Whirling Phoenix The Best Bills of 2011

Progressive States Network   |   Aug 12, 2011

Many new policies pushed forward this year have promised gloom for everyday Americans. Here are 13 positive, progressive state bills that could turn things around in the years to come.   MORE »


Photo by Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Can the Aftermath of Disaster Be Beautiful?

Anne Thomas   |   Aug 11, 2011

A letter from a Sendai teacher describes the strange and “magnificent” community that survived last spring’s devastating earthquake.   MORE »

Saying Goodbye to the P.O.

Shannon Hayes   |   Aug 09, 2011

Thousands of small-town post offices are on notice for closure. Radical homemaker Shannon Hayes on what that will mean for the communities who love them.   MORE »


Vincent Harding, photo courtesy Veterans of Hope Vincent Harding: Let Us Dance

Vincent Harding   |   Aug 10, 2011

The civil rights leader’s reflections on his 80th birthday.   MORE »


Photo by EPA/ASAHI SHIMBUN Building a Resilient Economy

Matt Stoller   |   Aug 09, 2011

Today’s economy relies on a globalized supply chain—where a single broken link can lead to widespread financial catastrophe.   MORE »

Are You a Culture Worker?

David Korten   |   Aug 08, 2011

From religion to the arts, we have more influence on culture than we think. How to use that power for good.   MORE »


How Art Can Turn the World Inside Out

Aug 11, 2011

In Paris, Palestine, Peru, and beyond—guerrilla artist JR asks the people of the world share their faces to transform urban landscapes into stories.   MORE »
TED Talk Still photo by JR

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