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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Film still, Reefer Madness. Time to Stop the Real Reefer Madness

Laura Carlsen   |   Sep 16, 2011

Since its inception, the War on Drugs has cost millions of dollars and thousands of lives. The civilians caught in the crossfire say it’s time for change.   MORE »

Photo by World Coalition What You Can Do to Stop the Execution of Troy Davis

Jen Marlowe   |   Sep 09, 2011

In two weeks, Georgia plans to execute a man whose guilt is in doubt, but there is still hope for clemency.   MORE »


The Roommate Revolution: Why Living Alone is Overrated

Leilani Clark   |   Sep 16, 2011

At 37, Leilani Clark thought she was too old and too independent for roommates. But she soon found herself loving the sharing life...and she’s not alone.   MORE »


A Double Win for Fresh Food

Oran B. Hesterman   |   Sep 15, 2011

In Michigan, food stamps are worth double at farmers markets, which means more healthy food for low-income shoppers and more customers for local farmers.   MORE »


photo by Steve Rhodes Banking for California’s Future

Ellen Brown   |   Sep 14, 2011

Wall Street’s not cutting it: California’s legislature voted to do a feasibility study on establishing a state-owned bank.   MORE »

Made in the USA Tag The Return of “Made in the U.S.A.”

Jessica Reeder   |   Sep 12, 2011

How some U.S. cities are bringing urban manufacturing back.   MORE »


Shopping cart image by Bruce Turner 10 Tips for a Zero-Waste Household

Bea Johnson   |   Sep 14, 2011

Get ready for No Impact Week: A year’s worth of solid waste from Bea Johnson’s home fits in a quart-sized jar. Here's how you can reduce yours.   MORE »

No Impact Week With YES!: September 2011

It’s almost time: The one-week carbon cleanse that could change the way you see the planet—and yourself. Join in on September 18th! ”   MORE »
Photo by Dave King


Creating Jobs in the New Normal

Sep 14, 2011

Sarah van Gelder on Free Speech TV: How local economies can help fight unemployment.   MORE »

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