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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Ellis Grafton How State Banks Bring the Money Home

Stacy Mitchell   |   Sep 23, 2011

Big banks freeze out small business, but North Dakota’s state bank supports local jobs. The idea is catching on.    MORE »

DIY Soup Delivery photo by Susan Seubert Need a Job? Create Your Own

Sep 21, 2011

5 entrepreneurs who said no to corporate jobs.   MORE »


Photo by World Coalition Troy Davis' Last Request

Sarah van Gelder   |   Sep 22, 2011

Troy Davis’ last words before his execution on Wednesday night included this call: The tragedy of American capital punishment must be brought to an end.   MORE »

Sami and Jen photo courtesy of Jen Marlowe Standing on the Side of Peace

Jen Marlowe   |   Sep 21, 2011

How one man’s journey changed everything I knew about the Middle East conflict.   MORE »


First carrot photo courtesy of Moosicorn Farm Young Farmers: A Growing Movement

Fran Korten   |   Sep 20, 2011

In spite of the daily discouraging environmental, political, and economic news, coaxing living things to grow somehow seems to make folks optimistic.   MORE »


Big Branch memorial by jamiev_03 Dear Big Coal: You’re Not Above the Law

Sarah van Gelder   |   Sep 20, 2011

How many times can a corporation break the law and continue to exist? Inside the fight to revoke Massey Energy’s corporate charter.   MORE »


When Words Fail: Does a Warming World Need a New Vocabulary?

Madeline Ostrander   |   Sep 19, 2011

We often don’t have the words to express our strong emotions about environmental destruction or a changing climate. Meet the man who’s trying to fix that.   MORE »

YES! Magazine team YES! Magazine Blogs On No Impact Week

Sep 19, 2011

With a homemade office rocket stove, a zero-waste flash mob, and a lights-out party, solutions for low-impact living are more fun than we thought. Check out our behind-the-scenes blog of the experiment.   MORE »


It's Our Wall Street: Inside an American Occupation

Sep 23, 2011

Photo essay: Inspired by the public protests of Egypt, Tunisia, and Spain, American demonstrators are nearly a week into their "occupation" of Wall Street.   MORE »

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