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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Discussion photo by Inckyhack An Oregon Experiment in Citizen Governance

Tyrone Reitman   |   Nov 04, 2011

A new law that puts voters in charge of breaking through political spin could be a first step in making policy decisions that work.   MORE »

Oakland and After: Lessons from the General Strike

Gabriel Thompson   |   Nov 03, 2011

Media coverage focused on violence and vandalism, but what’s the real legacy of Occupy Oakland’s big day?   MORE »

Occupy Wall Street’s Moral Ground

Kathleen Moore   |   Nov 01, 2011

Much of the Occupy movement’s power comes from a simple moral message: It’s wrong to wreck the world. It’s wrong to wreck the health and hopes of others.   MORE »


The Carbon-Neutral City

Richard Conlin   |   Nov 04, 2011

“Seattle becomes one of the first city governments in the world to declare that the goal of being carbon neutral is desirable, realistic, and attainable.”   MORE »


Indigenous Canadians Fight for the Tar Sands

Nov 04, 2011

Video: Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Müller on the moral imperative to preserve Alberta’s beauty for future generations.   MORE »


Still from Take Note An All-Ages Music Manifesto

Jaimee Garbacik   |   Nov 04, 2011

Book Review: How all-ages music venues keep the arts alive, build community, and give young people experience in organizing.   MORE »

Toilet Paper Preparedness vs. True Resilience

Shannon Hayes   |   Nov 02, 2011

What I learned from the hurricane: Real emergency preparedness has more to do with community than canned goods.   MORE »

W.S. Merwin photo by Tony Novak-Clifford Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin: Doing the Impossible

Sarah van Gelder   |   Nov 02, 2011

The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner accepted an appointment as U.S. poet laureate so he could offer just one simple warning.   MORE »


Posters to Occupy Everywhere

Nov 03, 2011

Graphic designers put their stamp on the messages of the 99%.   MORE »

Even the Biggest Thinkers Appreciate Some New Ideas.

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