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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Wall Street Sign photo by Alex E. Proimos We the People vs. Wall Street

Sarah van Gelder   |   Dec 02, 2011

The YES! Magazine editors are planning a new issue focused on practical ways to counter the power of corporations and Wall Street. Can you help?   MORE »

NYC Gives Citizens a Say in the Budget

Kate Malongowski   |   Dec 02, 2011

What if you could weigh in on how your city’s money is spent? In some districts of New York City, you can.   MORE »

YES! Breakthrough 15 Logo Meet 15 Extraordinary People Transforming the Way We Live

Madeline Ostrander   |   Nov 30, 2011

The YES! Breakthrough 15: The justice warriors, eco-innovators, happiness architects, and change artists who are shattering our sense of powerlessness.   MORE »


Christmas Gift photo by Stephen Let’s Unstuff the Holidays

Fran Korten   |   Dec 01, 2011

I longed for simpler surroundings. So I made a resolution: Each week I would move more stuff out of the house than came in.   MORE »


Jobs Not Cuts: UK Strikes Against Austerity

Ari Berman   |   Dec 01, 2011

In Britain, two million public sector workers launched the largest strike in three decades.   MORE »

7 Ways to Support the Real Job Creator: Main Street

John Cavanagh, David Korten   |   Nov 29, 2011

Turns out most job creation comes from the 99 percent, not the one percent.   MORE »

Ai-jen Poo photo by Erica Camille Ai-jen Poo: Organizing Labor—With Love

Mark Engler   |   Nov 29, 2011

The YES! Breakthrough 15: Battling for those on the economic bottom rung—domestic workers.   MORE »


Wes Jackson photo by Dennis Dimmick Wes Jackson: A Perennial Revolution in Agriculture

Ken Meter   |   Nov 30, 2011

The YES! Breakthrough 15: Revolutionizing agriculture with crops that grow like a prairie.   MORE »


The Case for Taxing the Wealthy

Nov 28, 2011

The 1% didn’t get there by themselves. Chuck Collins offers a TED Talk on why the wealthy should pay it forward.   MORE »

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