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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Vandana Shiva Vandana Shiva: Teachers for a Living World

Madhu Suri Prakash   |   Jan 27, 2012

While Ivy League schools marvel at India’s economic growth, Vandana Shiva’s University of the Seed looks to the earth—and Gandhi—for guidance.   MORE »

Corn Growing Photo by Mike Wold Beyond “Free” or “Fair” Trade: Mexican Farmers Go Local

Mike Wold   |   Jan 23, 2012

We usually think of the demand for local, organic foods as coming from the North. But in southern Mexico, the growing localist movement is a strategy for survival.   MORE »


A Tale of Two Cities: Beijing and Detroit

Helena Norberg-Hodge   |   Jan 26, 2012

Which symbolizes success, and which disintegration? It may not be what you think.   MORE »


Alison Smith Alison Smith: Elections Money Can’t Buy

Paul Loeb   |   Jan 26, 2012

The YES! Breakthrough 15: How a quiet, stay-at-home mom became a clean-elections champion.   MORE »

Deb Richter photo by Kurt Budliger Deb Richter: A Cure for Broken Health Care

Daniel Fireside   |   Jan 24, 2012

The YES! Breakthrough 15: Meet the doctor who uprooted her life to bring universal health care to Vermont.   MORE »


New York’s Little Revolution

Ellen Cantarow   |   Jan 25, 2012

How the state’s fight for clean water is reshaping its political landscape.   MORE »

A Jump Start for the Clean Economy

Maria Gallucci   |   Jan 24, 2012

Good news—and ongoing opportunities—for green jobs.   MORE »


The State of the 99 Percent

Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh   |   Jan 25, 2012

The Occupy movement is clearly affecting political rhetoric ... but what about real action?   MORE »


How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat

Jan 26, 2012

Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig discuss the Occupy movement, Citizens United, and our best options for real reform.   MORE »

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