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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Let It Not Happen Again

Clarence Moriwaki   |   Feb 17, 2012

Reflections on the 70th anniversary of Japanese American incarcerations.   MORE »
portrait by ansel adams


Towards a Prophetic Politics

Robert Jensen   |   Feb 16, 2012

We’ve all seen what happens when religion and politics mix poorly—but does that mean there’s no place for spirit in our political lives?   MORE »


Robin Hood photo courtesy of Oxfam International A People’s History of Robin Hood

Paul Buhle   |   Feb 15, 2012

For hundreds of years, he’s fought tax injustice, tyranny, and the seizure of the commons. Why we still need him today.   MORE »

Zuccotti Park photo by Joseph O. Holmes We’re the People: Close-Ups from Zuccotti Park

Joseph O. Holmes   |   Feb 15, 2012

Photo Essay: Portraits of a nascent society.   MORE »


Bill McKibben Bill McKibben: “The Biggest Fight of Our Time”

Madeline Ostrander   |   Feb 14, 2012

In which one of the world’s best-known climate activists gets personal about the enormous task of saving our planet.   MORE »

Tapping a Pipeline of Grassroots Energy

Brooke Jarvis   |   Feb 13, 2012

The latest attempt to push through the Keystone XL pipeline is meeting some spirited opposition.   MORE »


Dollar photo by Derek and Kristi 5 Ways to Make Your Dollars Make Sense

Michael Shuman   |   Feb 14, 2012

Concerned about Wall Street’s devastating impact on communities? Then invest in yourself—the most local investment of all.    MORE »


The Revolution is Love

Feb 14, 2012

What’s love got to do with the Occupy movement?   MORE »

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