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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo courtesy of Public Citizen Use the People’s Veto to End Citizens United

Fran Korten   |   Jun 08, 2012

Widespread, multi-sector activism is exactly what is needed to amend the constitution.   MORE »

Canada’s Music of Protest

Ian MacKenzie   |   Jun 07, 2012

All over Canada protests in solidarity with the students of Quebec are making noise with their pots, pans, and conversations about the society they want.    MORE »

Photo by Stuart Isett Street Credibility: Homeless Protesters Fight For Recognition

Claudia Rowe   |   Jun 05, 2012

Do corporations have an obligation to help the poor in their communities? These unconventional occupiers think so.   MORE »

Photo by Jeff Dunicliff Dear Bank of America, We’re Not Leaving Our Homes

Amy Dean   |   Jun 05, 2012

The fight against unjust evictions just got fiercer as the national Occupy movement joins forces with community anti-foreclosure groups.   MORE »


Nuclear Power Plant photo courtesy of the Bellona Foundation Germany Swaps Nuclear for Solar and Wind Power

Oliver Lazenby   |   Jun 07, 2012

In response to the Fukushima meltdown—which did $50 billion in damage to Japan’s economy—Germany aims to close all its reactors by 2022.   MORE »

Climate Denialists on the Ropes

Bill McKibben   |   Jun 06, 2012

Unfortunately, so is the planet.   MORE »

Photo courtesy of U.S. Military The Real Reason the Military is Going Green

Natalie Pompilio   |   Jun 04, 2012

Big Oil is a big risk for national security. Can our military—the world's No. 1 oil guzzler—change the politics of climate change?   MORE »


From Sitting In to Taking Over: A Worker-Owned Cooperative at Republic Windows and Doors

Yana Kunichoff   |   Jun 04, 2012

Once a symbol of worker mistreatment and the failures of the financial system, the famous Chicago factory may soon be run cooperatively by its workers.   MORE »


YES! Magazine’s 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power

Apr 01, 2012

It’s not too late to watch YES! Magazine’s 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power with Alice Walker, Frances Moore Lappé, and Makana.   MORE »

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