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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions
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What’s Red and Black and Controlled Independently by Students?

Polina Marinova   |   Aug 31, 2012

The student-run newspaper serving the University of Georgia, of course. When the board tried to take over editorial control, the student staff walked out in a final effort to make their voices heard.   MORE »

RNC Demonstrators Defy Expectations of Violence

Amos Miers   |   Aug 30, 2012

While Republicans spent the RNC attending corporate-sponsored parties and listening to scripted speeches, protesters’ commitment to nonviolence built solidarity beyond the usual suspects.    MORE »

Photo courtesy of Obama for America Obama Slams Citizens United

John Bonifaz   |  

Who’s the latest supporter for a constitutional amendment to overturn the controversial Supreme Court decision? Just the President of the United States. No big deal.   MORE »


Photo by Erin Siegal Photo Essay: Mexican Caravan Goes 5,600 Miles for Peace

Erin Siegal   |   Aug 30, 2012

We share more than a border with the 116,000 Mexicans killed and disappeared in the War on Drugs. Take a ride across the U.S. with their families and poet Javier Sicilia on the Caravan for Peace.   MORE »


Lockdown on the Pipeline: How a Houston Businessman Helped Shut Down Keystone for a Day

Candice Bernd   |   Aug 30, 2012

Supporters of landowner rights in Texas were arrested after shutting down work at the Livingston pipe yard and preventing transportation of pipes to construction sites.   MORE »

Photo by John Cavanagh and Robin Broad Mining for Gold: A “Pact With the Devil”?

John Cavanagh, Robin Broad   |   Aug 28, 2012

The economic crisis—and the rising price of gold—have spurred North American firms to reopen mines and attack environmental regulations. Here’s what we can learn from El Salvador’s moratorium on new mining permits.   MORE »


Video: Elders at Risk in Ryan’s Health Care Plan

Aug 29, 2012

Sarah van Gelder appears on FreeSpeech TV to explain the consequences of Republican health care plan.   MORE »


Photo by Jelle WTO Rules Against Labeling Meat

Lauren Hardy   |   Aug 29, 2012

Now the U.S. has to gut a law that protects consumers from imported mystery meat—or pay the price.   MORE »


“The Fight Against Fossil Fuel Giants Is the Fight of Our Time”

Aug 28, 2012

Bill McKibben used to think that lack of action to stabilize the climate came from widespread apathy, denial, or comfort with the status quo. Here’s what made him change his mind.   MORE »

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