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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Standing with Troy Davis in His Final Days

Jen Marlowe   |   Sep 21, 2012

A year ago today, the state of Georgia executed a man whose guilt was widely contested. Jen Marlowe, friend and journalist, on what it was like to stand with the Davis family on the last day.    MORE »

Photo courtesy of Amnesty International USA We’ve Come a Long Way from the Death Penalty, but We’re Not There Yet

Laura Moye   |   Sep 21, 2012

What’s the good news about the troubling practice of execution in the U.S.? We’re already abolishing it, state by state.   MORE »

In Prayer and Protest: The Fight for Troy Davis

Scott Langley   |   Sep 21, 2012

The story in photos: One year ago, the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis. See the remarkable photos from his final days, from the perspective of his family, friends, and supporters.   MORE »


Chicago Teachers Union demonstration Time for Some Good Jobs Guarantees

Brooke Jarvis   |   Sep 21, 2012

Corporations often take big helpings of public funds, saying that they’ll provide jobs in return. A new policy tool helps communities “claw back” to make sure they deliver.   MORE »

Workers demonstrate in front of Hot and Crusty Less Brand, More Tactic: Labor Win’s Lessons for Occupy

Olivia Rosane   |   Sep 20, 2012

A group of immigrant workers in Manhattan won a union for themselves, partly through collaboration with Occupy Wall Street. Their story suggests a collaborative path forward for the movement.   MORE »

Moving to a post-growth economy means more time to do things we love. Manifesto for a Post-Growth Economy

James Gustave Speth   |   Sep 19, 2012

What single change stands to give Americans more free time, healthier ecosystems, and more meaningful jobs?   MORE »


Occupy at One Appears Restless, Transformed

Sarah Jaffe   |   Sep 20, 2012

The Occupation of Zuccotti Park ended months ago. But, as the one year anniversary celebration shows, the movement is far from finished.   MORE »

Photo by Melissa Baldwin 3 Ways to Make Your Vote Count in a Money-Soaked Election

Fran Korten   |   Sep 19, 2012

Your favored candidates may be outspent, but if they out-organize, they may be able to prevail.    MORE »

Photo by Peg Hunter How Do You Measure a Dream?

Marina Sitrin   |   Sep 17, 2012

One year later, Marina Sitrin looks back on the Occupy movement, not as a list of victories and failures, but as a growing fabric of empowered voices.   MORE »

Infographic: Occupy Movement Bears Fruit

Sep 17, 2012

On the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, we gathered together just a few of the most vibrant projects taking place under the movement’s banner and put them in a visual format.   MORE »

Occupy Your Victories: Occupy Wall Street’s First Anniversary

Rebecca Solnit   |   Sep 17, 2012

Rebecca Solnit provides an inspiring panorama of triumphs that Occupiers helped achieve in just one short year. She urges us to stay in it for the long haul.   MORE »


Dancing photo by Mozes Zimanyi 9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health (Without Joining a Gym)

Sven Eberlein   |   Sep 20, 2012

Laughter, the arts, touch, sleep. What you can do in your everyday life to get healthier.   MORE »

Photo by Andrew Alderson A Graceful Exit: Taking Charge at the End of Life

Claudia Rowe   |   Sep 19, 2012

How can we break the silence about what happens when we’re dying?   MORE »

Photo courtesy of Fabulous Masterpieces A Mothers’ Movement for Future Generations

Heidi Hutner   |   Sep 18, 2012

Cancer survivor Heidi Hutner worried about how to raise a baby girl in an increasingly toxic world. Why she, and others, are convening the Women’s Congress for Future Generations to make the earth safe again for our children.   MORE »


Larry Gibson A Friend of the Mountains Remembered

Bill Kovarik   |   Sep 18, 2012

Larry Gibson grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, and dedicated his life to defending them from the coal industry.   MORE »


Video: Looking Poverty in the Eyes

Sep 20, 2012

The Line—the place people on the bottom are trying to get to and the people on the top are trying to stay above.   MORE »

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