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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

McKibben Spearheads Plan to Hit Dirty Energy Where It Hurts

Fabien Tepper   |   Nov 09, 2012

Could’s aggressive new strategy bring an end to global warming?   MORE »
Benaroya 350 by 350

Photo by Barry Yanowitz Bill McKibben’s Math: Climate Change Hits Home (in a 22-City Tour)

Phil Aroneanu   |   Nov 05, 2012

It shouldn't take a hurricane to blow open the debate about climate change. But Sandy might help prove what's at stake in a nationwide campaign to divest university endowments from the fossil fuel industry.   MORE »


New Ebay Contracts: What’s in the Fine Print?

Signe Predmore   |   Nov 09, 2012

Ebay’s new contracts require users to complete an involved form and snail-mail it to them in order to retain the right to make legal claims against the site. Find out how, why, and what you can do about it.    MORE »

Photo by Lynn Friedman Full Speed Ahead for Food Movement, Despite GMO-Labeling Loss

Cecilia Garza, James Trimarco   |   Nov 08, 2012

Although a ballot initiative to label foods containing genetically modified organisms failed in California, the organizers behind the measure say their movement is better organized and larger than ever before.   MORE »

Making It Count: Next Steps for the Minority Majority

Rinku Sen   |   Nov 07, 2012

Minorities around the country stood strong in the face of efforts to suppress their votes. Now that the election is over, what will happen to that energy and force?   MORE »

by Shutterstock. Five Things to Watch for in Obama’s Second Term

Fran Korten   |   Nov 07, 2012

The devil’s in the details, but so are the angels. Here are five things on Obama’s agenda you’ll want to keep an eye on—and get active in, too.   MORE »

Portrait of Winona LaDuke Winona LaDuke: Why I’m Voting for Obama

Winona LaDuke   |   Nov 06, 2012

First nations author and activist Winona LaDuke ran for vice president twice on the Green Party ticket. Here’s why she’s supporting Barack Obama this time around.   MORE »

Photo by Shutterstock. Under Obama, Social Justice Campaigners Have Better Chances

Mark Engler   |   Nov 06, 2012

Many of those who supported Barack Obama four years ago have been disappointed by his presidency. But recent history shows that campaigns for social justice do better under centrist presidents than under conservative ones.   MORE »


350 Unity College Joins, Becomes First to Pull Money from Dirty Energy

Stephen Mulkey   |   Nov 08, 2012

On November 7, Bill McKibben’s launched its “Do the Math” campaign and began urging universities to fight climate change by divesting their financial holdings from fossil-fuel companies. Unity College in Maine is the first to take the pledge.   MORE »

A Real World Plan for the President’s Second Term

David Korten   |   Nov 08, 2012

The pundits are right that Obama should work to bridge political divides. But he needs to reach out to the American people—not to the Republican Party.   MORE »


Net Zero’s Net Worth: How Renewable Energy Is Rescuing Schools from Budget Cuts

Erin L. McCoy   |   Nov 05, 2012

Educators across the country are finding millions of dollars in savings through cheap and simple forms of renewable energy.   MORE »

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