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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo courtesy of 4 Reminders of Human Goodness After Sandy Hook

Jeremy Adam Smith   |   Dec 21, 2012

Following the heartbreak in Newtown, many Americans find themselves wondering—are people just horrible? Jeremy Adam Smith on why compassion, forgiveness, and resilience are everywhere, even in tragedy.   MORE »

Image courtesy of Shutterstock 5 Holiday Parlor Games to Make Your Gatherings More Fun

Laura Beans, Fabien Tepper   |   Dec 19, 2012

Spoons, sardines, telephone charades, and other activities to put a boost in your get-togethers.   MORE »

Photo by Paul Simpson The Gift of Remembering Those We’ve Lost

Shannon Hayes   |   Dec 17, 2012

All of us lose loved ones over the course of our lives, and the pain of those losses is especially sharp during the holiday season. Passing on their memories to younger generations is a gift that truly lasts.   MORE »


Photo by Corey Seeman. In Wake of Factory Fire, U.S. Labor Groups Attempt Blockade of Walmart Imports

Olivia Rosane   |   Dec 20, 2012

A fire that killed 112 workers in a factory that supplies goods to Walmart has inspired the next wave of actions demanding justice for workers along the company’s supply chain.    MORE »

Photo by Ondra Anderle No Room at the Inn? How Occupy Won Over Religion

Nathan Schneider   |   Dec 20, 2012

Religion is the means by which many imagine and work for a world more just than this one. Last year, Wall Street’s Trinity Church refused to shelter the movement; this year, churches and Occupiers are sharing a very different kind of Advent season.   MORE »


Photo by Amit Gupta. Why Won’t the Wall Street Journal Cover the Cooperative Economy?

Gar Alperovitz, Keane Bhatt   |   Dec 20, 2012

Cooperative businesses are proliferating quickly, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the Wall Street Journal.   MORE »


Photo by Jamie Moffatt “You Are Safe With Us”: How Ordinary Iraqis Rescued U.S. Civilians in the Midst of War

Greg Barrett   |   Dec 19, 2012

In 2003, Iraqi townspeople, having just lost their hospital in U.S. air strikes, saved the lives of three wounded U.S. peacemakers. Seven years later, the Americans returned—to thank them.   MORE »

Drone Warfare Cover Can a People’s Movement Ground U.S. Drones?

Stuart Glascock   |   Dec 18, 2012

Book Review: Killing by remote control is no game, peace activist Medea Benjamin argues in “Drone Warfare.” We know that drones kill civilians and inflame hatred against the United States—but can we stop them?    MORE »


Writing Love Letters to Hundreds of Strangers “Absolutely Healed Me”

Dec 18, 2012

To cope with intense loneliness after moving to New York City, Hannah Brencher offered to write an old-fashioned love letter to any stranger who needed one. She never guessed how many people she would ultimately reach.   MORE »
Photo from The World Needs More Love Letters

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