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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Paul Dunn From Soap to Cities, Designing From Nature Could Solve Our Biggest Challenges

Sven Eberlein   |   Nov 19, 2012

Can a boat be designed to clean the water? How does a spider manufacture resilient fiber? We need products that don’t harm us or the environment, and nature’s already done the research.   MORE »


Photo by Julie Urban Why Your Health Is Bigger Than Your Body

Claudia Rowe   |   Aug 21, 2012

New findings explain how politics, economics, and ecology can help or hurt our bodies.   MORE »


Ella on the Porch photo courtesy of Ella Jenkins 6 Ideas for Sensible Homes

May 09, 2012

Small, supportive, affordable, recycled—and you can build your own.   MORE »


Photo courtesy of Organic Valley Can There Be “Good” Corporations?

Marjorie Kelly   |   Apr 16, 2012

When companies are owned by workers and the community—instead of Wall Street financiers—everything changes.   MORE »


Photo by Shutterstock. Dirty, Pricey, and Obsolete: Why Desalination Is Not Worth Its Salt

Adam Scow   |   Dec 27, 2012

Efforts to curb the consumption of water are getting great results and making expensive desalination plants obsolete.   MORE »

Photo by Heal the Bay Four Steps to Less Wasteful Communities

Fran Korten   |   Dec 26, 2012

The individual actions we take to reduce waste are important. But to stem the avalanche of stuff, we also need system-wide solutions.   MORE »

20 Machines for a DIY Civilization 20 Machines for a DIY Civilization

Dec 06, 2012

Video: Open Source Ecology has released free plans for building tractors, brick compressors, and other essential machines. Why pay more for stuff that's designed to fall apart?   MORE »

Photo by Sean Dreilinger. More Than Nutritious: Why Organics Are Still Healthier

Robin Broad, John Cavanagh   |   Nov 19, 2012

Two recent studies concluded that organic food is no more nutritious than non-organic food. But the value of organics involves health on multiple levels, from that of farmers to eaters to the planet itself.   MORE »

Why We’re Putting Ourselves on the (Pipe)Line With the Tea Party

Will Wooten, Candice Bernd, Ron Seifert   |   Aug 24, 2012

Occupiers, Tea Partiers, landowners, and environmentalists are challenging construction of the Keystone XL pipeline’s Gulf Coast segment—together.   MORE »

My Prices Are Not Too High: A Farmer Fires Back

Shannon Hayes   |   Jan 30, 2012

Shannon Hayes: Why are my prices higher than those at the supermarket? Glad you asked.   MORE »


Christine Carter Want to Find Holiday Joy? Start by Lowering Expectations

Christine Carter   |   Dec 26, 2012

Video: Christine Carter offers three tips to avoid holiday stress and experience the joys of the season.   MORE »

Biking family 7 Reasons Bikes Are for Everyone—Not Just “Cyclists”

Christine Grant   |   Oct 24, 2012

Don’t let the spandex-clad iron men scare you off! Here are seven reasons why all types of people are biking to work—and why cities are encouraging them.   MORE »

Neighborhood photo by Ross Chapin 10 Ways To Love Where You Live

Ross Chapin   |   Jun 14, 2012

How to build community here and now—because neighborhoods are more than houses in proximity.   MORE »

Photo by Keith Tyler How to Fix Health Care Without the Mandate

Sarah van Gelder   |   Apr 06, 2012

Why truly affordable care means single-payer.   MORE »


Photo by Shutterstock. 4 Ways to Leap the “Fiscal Cliff” to a Better U.S.A.

Sarah van Gelder   |   Dec 07, 2012

Sarah van Gelder looks beyond the hype about the deficit and finds four ways to balance the books while protecting our health and financial security.   MORE »

Net Zero’s Net Worth: How Renewable Energy Is Rescuing Schools from Budget Cuts

Erin L. McCoy   |   Nov 05, 2012

Educators across the country are finding millions of dollars in savings through cheap and simple forms of renewable energy.   MORE »

Seattle Town Hall video by Todd Boyle. Gar Alperovitz on Cooperative Economy: “I’ll Bet My Life on It”

Oct 04, 2012

Gar Alperovitz was in Seattle for the annual meeting of the National Cooperative Business Association and spoke at Town Hall Seattle immediately following a live screening of the first presidential debate. YES! Magazine’s executive editor Sarah van Gelder introduced him.    MORE »

Photo by Peasap America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

David Korten   |   Aug 10, 2012

Money is the least of our problems. It’s time to pay attention to the real deficits that are killing us.   MORE »


Photo by Stacy Lanyon. Occupy’s New Offshoot Set to Cancel Millions in Medical Debts

Fabien Tepper   |   Nov 16, 2012

Medical debt is the cause of 62 percent of bankruptcies, say organizers of Strike Debt, which threw last night's offbeat fundraiser for their new “Rolling Jubilee.” Ordinary people donated enough money to collectively buy an estimated $5.9 million in bad debt in order to cancel it.    MORE »

Photo courtesy of the National Guestworkers Alliance Meet the Crawfish-Peeling Guestworkers Who Inspired Walmart Walkouts

Cecilia Garza   |   Oct 11, 2012

How a few courageous workers in small-town Louisiana sparked nationwide actions demanding better wages and working conditions for those who pick, pack, stock, and sell the mega-retailer’s products.   MORE »

The Story of Change

Annie Leonard   |   Jul 17, 2012

Can shopping save the world? Put down your credit card and start exercising your citizen muscles with Annie Leonard’s new film.   MORE »

Photo by U.S. Embassy New Delhi The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller

Peter Dreier   |   Jul 12, 2012

Here’s what they don’t teach: When the blind-deaf visionary learned that poor people were more likely to be blind than others, she set off down a pacifist, socialist path that broke the boundaries of her time—and continues to challenge ours today.   MORE »


Photo by Harley Soltes Alice Walker: “Go to the Places That Scare You”

Valerie Schloredt   |   Oct 02, 2012

The acclaimed novelist on why a life worth living is a life worth fighting for.   MORE »

Photo Courtesy of Free Libya TV Libyan People to Americans: “This Is Not the Behavior of Our Islam”

Sep 13, 2012

Photo Essay: Amid the noise of escalating violence, Benghazi citizens speak for themselves: “This does not represent us.”   MORE »

Photo by Cameron Karsten Same-Sex Marriage Brings Healing to Me—and My Tribe

Madeline Ostrander   |   May 10, 2012

Heather Purser set out to win gay marriage rights within the Suquamish Tribe and found herself on a personal journey toward self-acceptance.   MORE »

In Japan, a Mothers’ Movement Against Nuclear Power

Heidi Hutner   |   Apr 25, 2012

The Fukushima disaster has brought a powerful new demographic to Japan’s anti-nuclear movement: mothers.   MORE »

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