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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Rusty Stewart Vandana Shiva: Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women

Vandana Shiva   |   Jan 18, 2013

There is a connection between the growth of unjust economic policies and the intensification of crimes against women. The Delhi gang rape has triggered a revolution—one that we must sustain.   MORE »

Indigenous Women Take the Lead in Idle No More

Kristin Moe   |   Jan 18, 2013

Motivated by ancient traditions of female leadership as well as their need for improved legal rights, First Nations women are stepping to the forefront of the Idle No More movement.   MORE »


Photo by Matthew Black. “Flash Mob Prayer Circle” Shows Idle No More’s Spiritual Side

James Trimarco   |   Jan 14, 2013

Speakers at an Idle No More event in Seattle drew comparisons between spiritual and political struggles, making the movement seem closer to Civil Rights than Occupy.   MORE »


Photo by Melissa Gruntkoski. The Trillion Dollar Coin: A Debt Solution for the People

Ellen Brown   |   Jan 17, 2013

Far from being a gimmick, having the U.S. Treasury mint high-denomination coins is a solution that cuts to the root of America’s financial problems. And Benjamin Franklin would have liked it, too.   MORE »

Photo by Thomas Hawk What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?

David Korten   |   Jan 17, 2013

How did we end up with Wall Street when models for a healthy economy are all around us?   MORE »


Photo by Daniel J. Sieradski. Remembering Aaron Swartz, “Alpha Geek” and Defender of Online Freedom

Micah L. Sifry   |   Jan 17, 2013

Aaron Swartz took his own life at the age of 26, after years of legal trouble over academic articles he downloaded and intended to share. He leaves behind a legacy of thinking about the power of the internet to shape our political lives.   MORE »

Photo by Renato Ganoza. Movement to End High-Stakes Testing Steps Up in Seattle

Dean Paton   |   Jan 14, 2013

Teachers at two Seattle high schools violated district policy and their union contracts by refusing to administer a mandatory test. And signs abound that teachers around the nation are ready to stand up, too.   MORE »


Photo by Shutterstock 7 Ways to Find Your Wild Side (Start With a Nap)

Shannan Stoll, Fabien Tepper, Valerie Schloredt   |   Jan 17, 2013

Color like a butterfly, eat like an ancient healer, and other ways to rediscover your inner wildness.   MORE »

Photo by Sasha W. Married with Children? It’s Not the End of Individuality

Shannon Hayes   |  

Sometimes Shannon Hayes finds herself missing the days before she was a mother. But the circle of familial give-and-take love makes the trade-off worth it.   MORE »


The Good Food Revolution Cover Book Review: Inside Will Allen’s Good Food Revolution

Laura Kaliebe   |   Jan 16, 2013

Like growing vegetables from seed to harvest, overhauling the country's food system takes time.    MORE »


Ta’Kaiya Blaney on First Nations: “We’re Awake and We’re Standing Up”

Jan 18, 2013

Video: She’s only 11 years old, but she’s already been working for environmental justice for a few years now. Here, she addresses the crowd at an Idle No More event in British Columbia.   MORE »
Photo by Larissa Sayer.

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