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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Photo by Justin Strauss/[ ] Can Carbon-Mopping “Artificial Trees” Slow Climate Crisis?

Richard Schiffman   |   Feb 08, 2013

Two scientists at Columbia University believe that carbon-mopping machines modeled after trees could sequester enough carbon from the atmosphere to slow global warming. But can we produce them quickly (and cheaply) enough for the plan to work?   MORE »


Photo by Lesley Show From the Culture of Aloha, a Path Out of Gun Violence

Poka Laenui   |   Feb 07, 2013

Beneath mainstream culture runs a current of domination, individualism, and exclusion that is harming our children. We assume this is normal—but is it really?   MORE »

Photo by Marcel Petit Why Canada’s Indigenous Uprising Is About All of Us

Sarah van Gelder   |   Feb 07, 2013

When a new law paved the way for tar sands pipelines and other fossil fuel development on native lands, four women swore to be “idle no more.” The idea took off.   MORE »

Knesset Only the People of the United States Can End Israel’s Occupation

Stephen Zunes   |   Feb 06, 2013

Many progressives breathed a sigh of relief when last month’s Israeli elections set the stage for a centrist coalition and not a far-right one. Yet peace will remain out of reach until the American people pressure the Obama Administration to end Israeli impunity.   MORE »

Photo by The Israel Project. Pathway to Progress in Israel Runs through International Law, Local and Global Action

Phyllis Bennis   |   Feb 06, 2013

While Israel moved away from the far right in last month’s elections, the new coalition is unlikely to alter the occupation. But change may come from divestment campaigns, the new U.N recognition of Palestinian statehood, and in the Israeli and Palestinian campaigns of nonviolent resistance.   MORE »

Rosa Parks stamp Rosa Parks, Champion for Human Rights

Grace Lee Boggs, Alice B. Jennings   |   Feb 04, 2013

On Rosa Parks’ 100th birthday, she’s broadly celebrated and even has a stamp bearing her image. But her radical life story is too often left untold.   MORE »


How$mart What’s Cheaper than Solar, Slashes Carbon Emissions, and Creates Jobs in Kentucky?

Erin L. McCoy   |   Feb 04, 2013

Having an energy-efficient home saves the owners money, but they often procrastinate on improvements. When energy companies in Kansas and Kentucky figured out a way to sweeten the deal, the results brought good news for homeowners, contractors, and for the planet.   MORE »


The Power of Outrospection

Feb 07, 2013

Video: Roman Krznaric on the concept of “outrospection” and how it could shape the 21st century—all illustrated with animated cartoons!    MORE »
The Power of Outrospection.

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