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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Maria Cordova Isolated Latina Moms Find Oasis of Community and Support

Sena Christian   |   Feb 15, 2013

In California, many Latino moms find themselves cut off by domestic responsibilities and language barriers. But with the help of trusted mentors, they’re learning new skills and strengthening their support networks.   MORE »

Photo courtesy of PUSH Green Housing: In Buffalo, It's Not Just for Rich People Anymore

Mark Andrew Boyer   |   Feb 15, 2013

Can we build sustainable housing that's affordable, too? The city of Buffalo did, and created a community jobs pipeline in the process. Here's what can happen when neighborhoods take the lead.   MORE »

Photo by Shutterstock. The SOTU Speech We Could Have Heard

John Cavanagh   |   Feb 13, 2013

Obama’s speech addressed progressive issues such as jobs, women’s rights, and clean energy. But it left the need for a larger economic transformation untouched.   MORE »


Seattle Rises Up Global Day of Dance Connects Women around the Globe

Katrina Rabeler   |   Feb 15, 2013

Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising brought women into the streets in every country registered with the United Nations, plus a few places that aren’t. At the Seattle event, a dancing little girl seemed to represent the movement’s hopes for women’s lives.   MORE »

1 billion rising Today, One Billion Rise

Christa Hillstrom   |   Feb 14, 2013

Rise, strike, dance! Join the worldwide walkout for the end of violence against women and girls.   MORE »

James Baldwin Photographs from James Baldwin’s Turkish Decade

Sedat Pakay, Charles Johnson   |   Feb 12, 2013

Sedat Pakay’s disarming photos of James Baldwin during his time in Turkey show a side of the great writer most of us have never seen.   MORE »


Photo by Christine Irvine. Arrests in Washington Signal Increasing Urgency on Keystone Pipeline

Chris Francis   |   Feb 13, 2013

Forty-eight leaders of environmentalist groups such as the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and were arrested today while participating in civil disobedience. They were demanding that President Barack Obama stop construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.    MORE »


Quote graphic Reader Mason Fisher writes …

“Rather than viewing the universe as purely chaotic and deterministic, there is a sense that life and other ordered phenomena are almost sort of self-created out of the chaos, and cooperation is key to this self-creation.”   

Religion, Science, and Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time


Is There Inspiration in Your Media Diet?

Feb 10, 2013

Video: At her TEDx talk, YES! magazine editor Sarah van Gelder discusses the “mean world syndrome” caused by excessively negative news coverage, and describes how solutions journalism creates a more balanced—and hopeful—point of view.   MORE »
Sarah van Gelder speaks at TEDx Bellevue

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